How many people include all drinks and spices in their diary

Like today I found out black pepper has 16 calories wth! lol


  • I would never have thought about logging black pepper! That is too funny!!
  • i dont on either.well most drinks i do but like my crystal light that i add to bottled water,,um no. i do add ranch dressing, mustard stuff like that..but seasonings not so much. lol
  • jenn50
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    that is crazy. i don't log in my drinks and spices. though i mostly drink ice water.
  • watkinsc
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    Oh geesh..who would have thought? =) I do log ALL my drinks however...
  • randyv99
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    On the rare occasion that I actually cook, I put everything in the recipe in MFP. Otherwise I'll just put the next best thing. I put in everything else with calories (even my crystal light, splenda and pam) in my diary as well. I think the only thing I forget to log is gum but I figure I chew my gum long enough to burn off 5 calories so that should even itself out.
  • I log everything that passes through my mouth, so yes even spices lol.
  • PJilly
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    Like today I found out black pepper has 16 calories wth! lol
    In a whole tablespoon, but who sprinkles THAT much black pepper on their food? I'm sure the fire that would cause inside me would burn more than 16 calories. :noway:

    I don't count spices, but I count condiments. I count most everything I drink, but not my black coffee. I realize there are some calories, but I figure it's negligible. I also don't count sugar-free gum, mints and lozenges.
  • I count condiments and drinks. ESPECIALLY drinks/sauces, those things are killers. If you're on a reduced calorie allowance, you can easily lose your day's deficit without realizing it from those things.
  • Lisa__Michelle
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    You HAVE to include all drinks that are not diet, unsweet tea, or water. They have a LOAD of sugar and calories! However, I would NEVER count spices. That seems dumb to me lol. 16 calories in pepper??? Are you for real! I would never have imagined!
  • nonoark
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    all drinks yes. It the spice is more then a quick shake then yes.
  • MaggieGiamalvo
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    You HAVE to include all drinks that are not diet, unsweet tea, or water. They have a LOAD of sugar and calories!

    I would include diet drinks too. They have sodium. (But I don't drink diet drinks.)

    I do log my drinks because they're usually fruit juices or milk, when it's not water. I wouldn't have thought to log things like black pepper, basil, thyme, etc, because I use so little of it, when I do use it. I use a ton of garlic, so I do log it. And, since salt is sodium, I log it.
  • my pepper doesn't list any calories.
  • Grokette
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    I count them when I input a recipe. Everything has calories, even if is a small amount, it has calories.
  • I just happen to use alot of blackpepper in one meal and added it just to see I was amazed. Now I drink water and green tea all day so oj milk anything else like that I just started to log
  • Ashley_Panda
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    I do all of my drinks but never spices unless it says on the bottle.
  • CGerman
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    I'm pretty OCD - I log it all. I set up recipes for most things since we cook at home all the time and it helps keep my diary a little "cleaner".
  • MzBug
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    I don't log the few spices I use. I do log any prepared condiments or marinades. I don't log the black coffee or tea, but I do log it if I use creamer or other addatives to it. Other than that I drink water.
  • Cytherea
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    All drinks, absolutely. Condiments, yes (I even weigh them to log the exact amount!), other than mustard. Spices... it depends. Sometimes. It isn't as easy to calculate or measure just how much you are using, since you just sort of add what seems right to the food while cooking... taste and add more, lol... I figure at the end of the day, if I'm a few calories over because of the garlic powder or Italian seasoning that I added, I'm not going to worry about it. I never add SO much that it would cause problems.

    Though if you are tracking your sodium, you might want to keep track, since a lot of seasonings have salt.
  • priskar
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    I only drink there's nothing to log other than fluid. I don't log things like pepper, cinnamon, etc. but I do log condiments like cocktail sauce, etc. down to the gram or ounce. Everything that goes in my mouth gets measured. Dry ingredients are weighed on a scale. Liquid and creamy foods are measured with measuring cups.
  • mrskern06
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    I always log my spices and my herbal teas (some have calories or potassium! Water is the only drink I don't log and you count that on the water counter. :o)