I have ribs? 135lbs gone! 1year.

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No boring life story here. I'm just writing to celebrate and hope some other fat guy might get/stay encouraged by what I say here. I used to be really fat, now I'm just kind of fat. 383 Pounds at the start. 248 Pounds now.

My goal was to get to 275 By April 2015. Instead I got to 248 by 1 year MFP anniversary of March 2014.

My secondary and more important goal is to still weigh the same (or less) by April of 2016. I've got my fingers crossed.

Thanks to my wonderful wife for doing this with me. Without her partnership and support this would not have happened.

By the way, the fat man inside me is not dead. He still wants to get out. The hardest part is that I never really hated the fat guy and had fun being that guy. Adjusting to my newer "normal" size is nice in some ways (stairs, airplane seats, movie seats, stadium seats, my seat, etc...) but I have a lifetime of experience and self-effacing humor I don't get to use anymore! I guess I'll just have to come up with new material. Flappy arm saggy *kitten* middle aged guy is just harder to write material for. Oh Well.


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    Congrats! You have made amazing progress!
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    Thanks for sharing! Congratulations!!
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    sexy you!
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    That is FANTASTIC!!! (You deserve a little happy dance for that!) Keep up the great work.

    **Here are some motivators I use on my bathroom mirror to keep the "evil voices" at bay:

    "Don't ever quite! Don't you dare! Not after all the work, not after all the sweat, not after all the progress. Not now. Not Ever."

    "The body you have now is a reflection of the choices you made in the past. The choices you make now, will be a glimpse of the body you'll have for the future."

    "Suck it up, and someday you won't have to suck it in."

    "If it were easy, they wouldn't call it 'working out.'"

    Go you! Keep it up! Can't wait to hear a year from now how awesome you've done! :)
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    Update. June 2017 up to 294. 238 was the bottom but things have crept back up over the last couple of years. I'm sure this is totally unique to me and nobody else here on MFP has ever experienced this. I figured on a bounce back but this is rather larger than I was prepared for. I've been hovering here for about 6 months but I'm back clocking calories again. Not going back over 3 spins dammit! Happy summer to all!
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    Congratulations. That's amazing. I'll bet you feel great.
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    You can DO it!