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Worried about rebound after being ill

sjsolessjsoles Member Posts: 2 Member Member Posts: 2 Member
I just got over the worst GI bug. down for 5 days and lost 7 lbs. I am afraid it will come back with a vengeance when I start eating according to plan again. Does anyone have a proven way to get back on track without it totally screwing everything up???


  • silenceinspacesilenceinspace Member Posts: 142 Member Member Posts: 142 Member
    Do you mean the sickness returning, or the weight returning?
  • deannasawyerdeannasawyer Member Posts: 25 Member Member Posts: 25 Member
    I had some issues with this, too. When I got my very first outbreak of cold sores, the pain was too terrible that I simply could not eat for a week. Getting liquids down was a serious challenge, but I managed it. As probably happened with you, I lost a lost of weight, and was down to 102lbs.

    Within a month after getting better, I jumped to 120lbs, which is 7lbs more than my usual weight. The only thing I can say is be careful, and don't eat anything just because you weren't able to eat it while you were sick. Continue eating the way you were before you were sick and hopefully you'll be okay. *cross fingers*
  • Llamapants86Llamapants86 Member Posts: 1,221 Member Member Posts: 1,221 Member
    A lot of that weight loss was probably just water. It will come back as you rehydrate. If you are worried that you are going to go back up past the weight you were when you got sick, you probably won't unless you really over compensate for the couple of days of not keeping things down.
  • ladynocturneladynocturne Member Posts: 865 Member Member Posts: 865 Member
    It's pretty impossible for the human body to oxidize more than 1-2lb of fat in a week. So the chances that the weight you lost during your illness was water is high since it's was 5 days.

    As long as you are eating at a deficit, you will continue to lose weight, but yes, most of that 7lbs will return, but it wasn't a true fat loss anyway so nothing you can really do about it.

    Stay healthy =)
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