Car NSV!

GabbyGlitch Posts: 14 Member
Ok, this might be a dumb NSV but after seven months of living a healthier life and 80 lbs down... my large belly no longer touches the steering wheel. It makes me feel very good. I have to find these small things or else I still get discouraged even with 80 lbs down.



  • donyellemoniquex3
    donyellemoniquex3 Posts: 2,384 Member
    awesome sauce !
  • Eric_DeCastro
    Eric_DeCastro Posts: 767 Member
    awesome, I noticed my stomach was further away from the steering wheel yesterday. woo whoo
  • weightedfootsteps
    weightedfootsteps Posts: 4,349 Member
    LOVE THIS!!!! One of my fave NSVs!!! That and the seatbelt not locking when you lean forward just a bit...LOL
  • impromark
    impromark Posts: 119 Member
    Great stuff! Reading this just made me realize I don't drive with my legs anymore.. Because I can't reach them easily like I used to. Keep going, that's next!

  • aNewYear123
    aNewYear123 Posts: 279 Member
    That is a great NSV.
  • verptwerp
    verptwerp Posts: 3,659 Member

    Good job ....... great NSV ...... enjoy it !
  • serindipte
    serindipte Posts: 1,557 Member
    Congrats!!! I don't think it's a silly one at all.
  • 86muffintop
    86muffintop Posts: 69 Member
    This is a WONDERFUL NSV. Not silly at all!
  • nathalier71
    nathalier71 Posts: 570 Member
    That's a great nsv!
  • Dreaaa
    Dreaaa Posts: 319 Member
    whoooo!! great NSV. you go girl!
  • SharonNehring
    SharonNehring Posts: 535 Member
    Awesome! I've noticed it's easier to click my seatbelt, as I don't have to try to scoot my behind over to find the other end. :smile: It's the little things that make all the difference in the world. Congrats on losing 80!
  • RejsGirl
    RejsGirl Posts: 198 Member
    Fantastic NSV! Congratulations on the weight loss, you look great!!
  • ancho84
    ancho84 Posts: 40 Member
    That is awesome!
  • fishermanmatt
    fishermanmatt Posts: 308 Member
    Haha, I took that exact same photo but never posted it. I remember how great I felt the day I noticed the steering wheel no longer touched. Congrats on a great NSV. Keep up the great work. You're doing amazing!
  • Laughter_Girl
    Laughter_Girl Posts: 2,226 Member
    This is an awesome NSV!! Keep up the hard work.
  • jacquiearchambault
    jacquiearchambault Posts: 86 Member
    WOW GABBY! This is so great! HUGE NSV! Congrats! :flowerforyou:
  • Mangopickle
    Mangopickle Posts: 1,509 Member
    Huge NSV!! I went to Belks on thurs and saw a gorgeous indigo cocktail dress. The last dress I owned was my wedding dress and it was a size 18. This dress was size 12. I tried it on and it fit perfectly!! I am in my forties, the last time I was a size 12 I was in 7th grade. Didn't have the $130 to buy it but for the first time in my life I snapped a photo of myself in the dressing room. I remember vividly when I was size 21 and my belly hit the steering wheel.
  • SlimSumday
    SlimSumday Posts: 379 Member
    Awesome!! :happy:
  • AllisonElisabethD
    Yayyy!! So proud of you!
  • janesmith1
    janesmith1 Posts: 1,511 Member
    That is SOOOOO awesome!!! Good work!!
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