My first time !

Snicolej Posts: 113 Member
Very excited I have been on here and doing my lifestyle change since Oct 3,2013. I have lost 30 pounds with no exercise . And in the past week I have been told by a neighborhood kid and my niece that I have lost weight ! Kids are honest and I'm very happy to hear that they can tell ! I'm a favorite aunt the fun one very active in their lives and to have them tell me I'm looking good and them seeing that hard work and sticking to it pay off is worth every moment thus far ! And in this past week I have added exercise so I'm looking forward to the next few months and the energy ! Anywho get up and MOVE and thanks for reading !


  • sargessexyone
    sargessexyone Posts: 494 Member
    That is so awesome! You should be very proud of yourself.
  • retiree2006
    retiree2006 Posts: 951 Member
    That's great and it will give you that extra boost to help you continue on! A nice comment "out of the blue" is truly a gift.
  • thinkpositive92
    thinkpositive92 Posts: 111 Member
    YAY! That's fantastic news! You're a true inspiration!! :D
  • janesmith1
    janesmith1 Posts: 1,511 Member
    Fantastic work!
  • sabrina19782014
    sabrina19782014 Posts: 50 Member
    well done :) no exercise at all?? wow you are truly inspirational to me (poor mobility)
  • lighteningjeanne855
    lighteningjeanne855 Posts: 566 Member
    "Well-begun is half(way) done!" :drinker:
    -Aristoltle, Greek philosoper (Original)
    -Mary Poppins, movie character (muuuuuuch later!)
    Best wishes!
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