why I just wont go back :)

If you are struggling- this post if for you;

I am not at goal, but im getting there and im doing it in a way that feels effortless and enjoyable.

I have done the points thing, lost all the weight then promptly gained it back, just to feel defeated and rejoined again, everytime it feels like punishment and restriction and I just wanna CHEESEBURGER!

Its so much more then what you eat today, its about the week as a whole, the month and ultimately the year (I cant wait to get there!)

I watched my husband join mfp-connect his fitbit and enjoy fast food, desserts and even CHIPS while still losing weight. It was about balance in vs out and as simple as that- why couldnt I get it?

I downloaded the eatmoretoweighless starter pack and still the calculation for TDEE and me just dont get along.

somedays I barely move-as a graduate student i am at the computer ALOT and somedays I dont stop moving, as a nurse full time and a mom and a runner.....

MFP taught me to use the data from my fitbit, it shows me a 7 day trend and it shows me that last nights apple pie ( a weighed 110g portion) was doable :) Its like EASY- seriously EASY. I set my calories for the non moving day, and then when i see by noon I have like 400 exercise cals I can have a lil somtin extra, or save for a bigger dessert, OR leave a large deficit knowing that fridays party will top that up no problemo.

I used to live day by day, one cheat and the day is ruined. One cheat and the week was blown, the perfect food record destroyed, what a negative mind trap that was!!!!
I know now-track everything-even the 3.5 servings of raisin bran cereal - cause in the bigger picture its not really a make it or break it situation.

I get a lot more food here, I dont feel as bingey, as restricted or as bored with low fat fat free sugar free diet crap.

The changes in my body are slow but steady, and I am determined to keep at this and I hope you are too.
Day by day :)

MFP works but it needs TIME and constant TWEAKING to make sure you are in the right zone for what your goals are. and If by chance you are stuck- dont give up!! Reach out and ask for help! we are all here to support you!



  • Hi, I read your post and agree that MFP is the best way to loss weight in a slow moderate way. I've tried the pro points way and the syns way that other weight loss organisations promote and they don't work for me. I am on the road to success and going to give this my all....going for gold as they say. First weight in is tomorrow so my journey starts then.

    Good luck!
  • gabbymom2
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    Love it! So true and I can feel your pain and then joy.
  • Thank you! This is exactly what I needed to hear! I did the points too. I liked it, but still felt deprived! Once I 'blew' the day or week I ate everything in sight!
  • KyleB65
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    YES! There are no instantaneous results and a bag of chips or pizza on a Friday night is not the end of the world. Time effort and an almost continuous evaluation and adjustment is needed.

    But, as a question only!! Do you find that what you eat affects how you feel?

    I ask as part of my past issues with obesity had more to do with my state of mind than the quantity of food I was eating. Once I started working on how I felt and why, I started focusing on making better food choices (quality and quantity). From there it became a Catch-22 scenario, the better I ate, the better I felt. The better I felt, the better my food choices.

    I still hit up chips on occasion and still a fan of pizza. But, day to day, my routine is to eat food that is as fresh as possible and to prepare as much food at home as possible. In addition to trying to eat a wide variety of food to get the most nutrition possible.
  • roniredd
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    Good post, thank you! It's hard not to get discouraged especially when you are so close to goal and haven't lost in 3 months. But, the thing is, it's a forever journey! And, it will happen ....
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    Hello :-)

    Thank you for sharing your story, as I'm sure plenty will relate. I sure do!
    After giving birth to my Son, I weighed around 202, I refused to get on the scale so I'm not really sure how much more I actually was. But I felt awful. I felt like I was trapped in someone elses body, I was always tired and I was really depressed. My journey has been long, and I've given up more times then I can count. But since starting mfp, things are very different this time. Now I've learned how to make this a lifestyle change. Before when I tried the other ways, it always felt like a diet, and it was torture. I'm so happy that I've learned about calories, food portions, macros, and so on. All thanks to mfp!!! :-)
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    Thank you for that. I'm getting there in realizing that it's the long-term changes I'm after, and the momentary back-slides don't matter as long as I don't dwell there.
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    You are so right!!! I totally agree and this is why I love MFP! This has to be a lifelong change if it's going to work. We can't feel deprived. Sure, I've been trying to eat healthier, but there are no foods (or drinks...beer, wine, etc.!!) that are "off limits." I have learned that I just have to fit them in to my day or week. When I've done that, I can really enjoy having them, and without guilt. We're going to have parties and other events where there are just lots and lots of delicious food to be enjoyed. This is called life. And hey, I'm not ashamed to admit that I exercise so I can eat more!!!

    Keep up the great work!
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    This is SO true! Before MFP I would try for a day or a week or sometimes even a month or two. It never stuck and I was back in the old patterns. It's a commitment every day to log in, log food, and support friends that has kept me here over a year. It's the reward of seeing mental and emotional changes that keep me going. Physical changes are slower in coming, but it's all good :) Thanks for sharing.
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    Congratulations on your loss and even more on your attitude! People start all "gung ho" and when they hit a rough spot, totally cave in. Your comments put things in perspective and will help many. Relax, stay with the program, and keep concentrating on staying within the "lines" most of the time (there will be less successful times) and, as you pointed out, they'll get there!