Breakfast ideas

So, the Wife and I have recently overhauled our eating habits, thanks to some help from a local gym membership and support/guidance.

Only problem is breakfast.

I have no problem with breakfast. She does. She has never been much of a breakfast person. Usually a bagel or some such.

We have tried to do the eggs thing, but her digestive system is iffy with them. Sometimes she is fine, others she is running to the bathroom a few times in an hour (tmi?)

And she absolutly HATES cooked oatmeal. WIll not even look at it, can't smell it, etc due to some childhood tramatic sickness associated with it.

So, I ask for help in ideas of good, filling breakfasts that are not too complicated to make.
Mornings are failry busy with getting two kids up and going for school and she has to be out of the house earlier than the kids and I.

I have no problem making whatever for her, but just need ideas!



  • JesterMFP
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    Does she need/want to change her breakfast habits? It's ok not to be a "breakfast person".
  • Jenky85
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    I made these today and planning on having 2 of them tomorrow with some Nutella spread on for breakfast. I put the ingredients into the recipe builder and mine actually came out at 87 calories each not 58 like the link says, I did use 2 bananas which might explain it. Be warned they're not your normal fluffy buttery muffins but they are high in protein which is fab for breakfast and do taste nice :)
  • lemon629
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    She doesn't have to eat breakfast. I hardly ever eat breakfast. (What I list as breakfast is actually more like a snack at around 11am. I eat lunch at around 1pm.)
    My nutritionist has said that the supposed importance of breakfast is way exaggerated and that most people are NOT "breakfast people" and do better without.
  • stuffinmuffin
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    How about toast?
  • PaleoPath4Lyfe
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    Does she need/want to change her breakfast habits? It's ok not to be a "breakfast person".

    Exactly. There is no rule that says you have to eat breakfast.

    I am not a morning person and dislike eating breakfast, especially early in the morning. I still wake up and cook my husband bacon and eggs though.

    Perhaps she could carry some greek yogurt, nuts and fruit with her to work and eat when she gets there?
  • LaLa_Ventura
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    HIgh fiber, low sugar cereal and Almond Milk. Add chopped banana or berriesm flax seeds, chia seeds, slivered almonds or walnuts.
  • HealthyMakeover
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    Cereal and milk, breakfast bars, fruit salad, or maybe just coffee?

    There are people that love to eat breakfast, and those who don't, and those that go back and forth. I eat breakfast every single day, but it can range from a 75 calorie breakfast to 600 calories. It always depends on how I feel waking up, and what I'll be doing later that day. And, of course, how much time I have to prepare something.

    But there are plenty of cereal/fruit snack bars that exist at most shopping marts. I love Sunbelt Bakery products, along with Fiber One and Kellogs.
  • apriljackss
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    I would say oatmeal, but obviously that's a no, but I've been a big fan lately of a big green smoothie. My go-to recipe these days has been a scoop of protein powder, a teaspoon of spirulina, 1.5 tbsp raw hemp seeds, two large handfuls of baby spinach and baby kale, some frozen mixed berries, and water/juice. It really does fill me up and with the protein I can last for hours on this. Not to mention it's chock full of vitamins and fiber!
  • eganita
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    On workdays, I typically eat breakfast at my desk at work. I usually have a Luna bar and some plain Greek yogurt with fruit in it. Maybe she'd like something like that... and bonus - no cooking needed :)
  • bekim123
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    Is it that she doesn't like eating at that time or she doesn't like "breakfast" foods? I always eat something in the morning, but it's not always classic breakfast foods.
  • KeepCalmNGetyaSweatOn
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    Special K makes a great protein cereal. Have that with 1 cup of %1 milk with some sliced banana's & call it good (if she must eat breakfast) A 1/2 bagel with some light cream cheese and a piece of fruit isn't to shabby of a breakfast either. Otherwise skipping breakfast isn't going to hurt anything really. The only thing I find is when I skip breakfast I am hungrier later on in the day & tend to eat more. To each their own :flowerforyou:
  • kuderstadt
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    I just tried these breakfast sandwiches from Special K… they're in the frozen section, they're called Protein Flatbread - Egg, Ham & Pepper Jack Cheese Multigrain Sandwich.
    190 calories, 12g protein, 8g fat, 20g carbs. I had a half cup of cottage cheese with it and it went down pretty good. And only a minute in the microwave… easy.
    Every other morning I eat egg whites and oats, so that's pretty boring… nice to change it up once in a while.
  • JulieE1002
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    I am not a breakfast person either - I usually end up eating an apple around 10:00. BUT, on the weekends I have my latest creation - I call it my chocolate ice cream!

    Put it all in the blender and blend until consistency you like - I like it thick like ice cream.
    2 frozen bananas
    2 TBLS cocoa powder (unsweetened)
    1/2 cup dry oats
    1/2 cup almond milk
  • muscularbeebers
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    On days where I just couldn't possibly eat a full meal first thing in the morning, I add a scoop of vanilla protein powder to my coffee and mix in a blender bottle.
  • laydeneko
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    I'm not a big oatmeal eater either. I do agree with the others that she might not be a breakfast person. I'm not really, but I had to become one since my morning pills need to be taken with food. :( Is there a specific reason she can't work in her usual bagel? If she works the stats into what she's allowed, it should be fine.
  • jenjstock
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    I can relate... i.e. not a breakfast person.

    For me lately breakfast has been about 2 (and sometimes 3) hours after I am moving when my coffee cup is draining and I am at work. I reach for something like a string cheese with whole grain crackers and olives, almonds, hummus, turkey, even almond/ peanut butte or Greek yogurt (in any combination to get to the right caloric combo). The key for me to keep on track is to maintain a variety of pre-measured consumables on hand that I enjoy, instead of 'making myself eat breakfast'.

    Good luck!