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  • ladydy911
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    I do carrots or cucumbers orrr baked pita chips and hummus. I keep apples and bananas at my desk at all times. I usually cut them up and top them with a little PB2. Dried fruit and nuts trail mix. Yogurt covered raisons. Grapes. I work 10 hour days and I am hypoglycemic so I have to keep healthy snacks at my desk.
  • ladydy911
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    There are some great recipies out there for homemade granola that is really simple and very YUMMY! If I can make it, anyone can lol.
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    My favourite afternoon snack - 1/2 cup cottage cheese with fresh blueberries and a half ounce of chopped walnuts all mixed in. SO DELICIOUS!
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    What kinds of snacks do you bring/prepare for work to avoid vending machine snacking or grabbing a candy bar? I've been eating steamed green beans for lunch... but I find myself hungry again at about 2pm. Help!


    For one, I'd highly recommend having more than string beans for lunch...that's not lunch...that's a vegetable side. You need some protein and fat with lunch which will go a long way towards satiation.

    I have a snack everyday around 3 PM and then again on the commute home around 5 PM. Usually greek yogurt for my mid afternoon snack and an apple and 1 oz of almonds on the way home (I don't eat dinner until 8:30 PM or so). The apple and almonds are also a great pre-lifting snack on the couple nights per week that I hit the weight room after work.
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    Also, snacking at your desk is a good way to de-rail your weight loss efforts. Eat proper meals away from your desk whenever possible.

    Never a problem for me, because I prelog everything I bring to work. If I track it and stay within my deficit it's not derailing.

    Then it's part of your plan. And since you only bring enough for one day, you can't get de-railed.

    knitapeace and lemon629 look like they could be related.
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    You need some protein! I like to graze throughout the day, so I bring cucumbers, carrot sticks, hummus, Kind bars, hard boiled eggs, cheese sticks or Light Baby Bel cheese, trail mix, or Greek yogurt. NOT all on the same day. lol This lets me have a healthy snack 2-3 times over the course of my 8 hour day and keeps me going until dinner without needing a snack when I get home.

    Good luck.
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    Today I brought..
    skinny cinnamon popcorn
    cucumber sticks and hummus
    I have to snack or I go mad..
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    I map out my food for the day before I leave for work then pack it all in snackable sizes. I snack at the office, but I'm grabbing a tangerine out of my bag, or an oz. of almonds. I also pack three servings of baby carrots (9oz!) so that I'll always have something crunchy. I rarely bring a "lunch" because I use up all my calories snacking, but it's really just grazing through the work day. If I bring 8 100 calorie snacks (including breakfast snacks) then I can eat something each hour and never go overboard.
    It's psychological - I just can't be in the office without eating.

    I have been known to put away 9oz of baby carrots, too.

    I'm like, how the hell did I blow 100 calories on baby carrots? Leave it to me.

  • Always bring a bag full of healthy food, fruit and veggies plus lunch, which is balanced protein and carbs. I keep non-perishable food in my drawers, if it's too tempting, I keep it in my coworker's drawers so I have to walk all the way to her office to get one and she knows it, holds me accountable.
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    The vending machine where I work has nothing appealing in it (not many people buy from it so the stock is pretty old and stale). I weigh out beef jerky and trail mix and bring that with me for snacks.
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    Emerald makes 100 calorie packs of plain almonds, so I always have a package of those in my purse. A protein bar is good to keep handy, as well as a peice of fruit. You should have a lean protein with your green beans like a peice of chicken breast too.
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    Planters Deluxe Mixed Nuts!!
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    Desk snacking is my downfall. I like what other posters said about having a "no snack zone" at the desk and having only "planned" snacking away from the desk. Desk snacking is largely how I have gained back the 9 lbs I originally lost. Whatever I bring to work seems to go in my mouth before the day is over. Doesn't have anything to do with hunger most of the time.:devil:
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    I make a ton of 2-ingredient healthy cookies and freeze them in baggies of 8 or so to take out each week. The "cookies" are just 2 smashed, overripe bananas and 1 cup of quick oats. I add about 1/4 cup of whatever I feel like to mix it up...chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, coconut flakes, nuts...the calories stay pretty much the same at about 45 calories per cookie (each cookie is about 1 TB before baking). has the directions.

    These are my favorite work snack.
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    What kinds of snacks do you bring/prepare for work to avoid vending machine snacking or grabbing a candy bar? I've been eating steamed green beans for lunch... but I find myself hungry again at about 2pm. Help!


    I don't snack at work b/c I eat a good breakfast and a good lunch. Steamed green beans??? Why??? So you will be snacking 2 hrs later. Kinda defeats the purpose, doesn't it???
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    Generally I avoid extra snacking at my desk if I can by pre-planning snack time. I have two sunsweet dried plums (prunes) on my first break everyday in the morning. I try to resist having anything else until lunch time. Now, that being said, there are some days every once in a while that this is just not going to happen and I must have something. Because of this, I have several snack items that I have brought in and locked in my desk out of sight in a separate drawer. This is for those times when I just am not going to make it without having something. Because it's locked away out of sight, I do not really think about them much. And I've gotten pretty good at putting of that "wanting something" impulse which normally passes.

    In that drawer I have a few 100 calories packs of fudge stripe cookies (for chocolate craving), a few individual trail mix/nut mix packets for protein fix (salty), a couple nutrigrain bars (sweet fruity), and two 100 calorie packs of popcorn.
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    I always have pretzels and candy bars in my desk. I stick to things like Hershey's chocolate bars...they take me a long time to eat, so I feel like I'm eating chocolate all day. There are various other things that pop in...Pringles, microwave rice, and lately I've been doing the Special K cracker chips.

    I like to eat my snacky stuff at work since it's packaged and easy to just leave in my desk. My dinner at night is when I get the bulk of my protein and veggies/fruits.
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    I eat almonds, rice roll or fruit. I drink a lot of water. I always have a jug of water at my desk. Sometimes I'll just chew gym if I have already had a snack.
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    You need a good source of protein, not just green beans. Protein is what keeps you fuller longer. Any kind of lean meat and more than one veggie (I would add some fruit in there as well). And for the snack I usually go for the almonds or a Tbsp. of peanut butter, but I try to do this post workout so I don't feel the need to eat a huge dinner (I work out when I get off work around 4ish). You shouldn't be hungry at 2 if you eat the correct foods and portions/calories for lunch. Hope that helps! :)
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    I take a little pot of nuts for a mid morning snack (usually dry roasted cashews or peanuts - that I bought raw, and dry roasted myself). To fill it with either, means a serving of approx 28g. So I know in advance how much I'm eating, and that it's OK. That helps me resist the 'feeding van', as I call it, that comes around at about 11am.

    After lunch, I usually have a small pot of grapes or a clementine IF I get hungry. But I usually don't because I make my lunch filling. It usually consists of a soup or salad, followed by whole yoghurt & blueberries, and a banana. Quite often, I find myself leaving the banana until mid afternoon anyway as the rest of the lunch is so filling.

    Hope that helps.