Transition clothes?

It's becoming very clear I need to do something about my wardrobe, because I'm running lower and lower on clothes that fit well enough. Great problem to have, right?

Except I really don't have a lot of money available for clothes now, and I'm not anywhere near my goals yet. I've got no problem browsing eBay or similar, but I don't want to waste a lot of money on clothes that I'll be out of relatively soon (I hope!). I'm relying on some old maternity clothes I dug out, which seems to help one of my primary problems of my top half being a size smaller than my bottom half.

The other issue is that I'm all over with regard to sizing, because weight is obviously not lost evenly. Mostly, I guess I just want to know what other people have done during transition phases in regards to clothes.


  • mschicagocubs
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    Have you tried hand me down stores?

    I did that for a while when I was in between a few years ago.

    Then you can just donate them right back :)
  • easjer
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    Have you tried hand me down stores?

    I did that for a while when I was in between a few years ago.

    Then you can just donate them right back :)

    Not as many with decent plus-size selections around me, but it's been awhile since I've looked. Always worth another go! I'm currently going through my closet to donate the stuff that isn't going to fit again anyway, so I'll be making a trip!
  • SezxyStef
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    That's why I like discount stores...Like winners/tjmax...

    I can buy name brand clothes there on the American eagle jeanns for 20$...:drinker:
  • zillah73
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    I bought a lot of dress pants for work at Goodwill. I am all about the second-hand stores for transition pieces. I also check out the clearance racks at Macy's when I have a Wow pass and have gotten a few really nice, new pieces for under $10 that way.
  • mschicagocubs
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    That's why I like discount stores...Like winners/tjmax...

    I can buy name brand clothes there on the American eagle jeanns for 20$...:drinker:

    +1 for TJMax
  • easjer
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    Again, plus size still makes it harder - discount stores are hit and miss and I'm still in a 22/24/2x - good news is the bottom half is finally moving into that size range! Sleeves are also hard because my biceps are so fatty. :/

    Thanks for all the suggestions - thankfully my birthday is coming up, so I'll have a bit of extra cash to help out.
  • lzlsk
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    Some thrift stores have $5 bag sales where you can get for $5 as many clothes as you can fit in a grocery bag.
  • moseler
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    We have some great stores that allow you to buy, sell and trade clothing. When I was losing quickly, I would take my old stuff in and earn credit... then I would buy some new (to me) stuff to get through until the next size... Also, check out the Goodwill. Seriously, we have some Goodwill's in higher end neighborhoods with some great name brand stuff for CHEAP!

    Other than that... I go to Ross Dress for Less or Old Navy for inexpensive new stuff. GOOD LUCK!
  • zillah73
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    I don't know if this is an option for you... but my friends and I do a lot of clothing swap parties, too. We are all different shapes and sizes and everything is free, plus you get to hang out and have fun. Otherwise, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Ross, Burlington Coat Factory. Dress Barn has beautiful plus size clothes and clearance racks.
  • 99clmsntgr
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    All of the above and Goodwill. As I was losing weight, I donated some really good clothes to Goodwill. I know a lot (and I mean A LOT) of people who have done the same.
  • Sugarbeat
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    Do you have a freecycle website in your area? Also check "yard" sales on Facebook.
  • Definitely check out Goodwill. Every one that I have been to has a separate rack for plus size clothes, so that makes it easier to find something that might fit.

    If you like or don't mind wearing skirts, another thing I do is quickly scan the rack of skirts for elastic waistbands. Because they stretch, they are more forgiving size wise. This means that you can fit in a wide range of sizes which makes it more likely that you will find something that fits. It also means that they will look nicer longer as you continue to lose.

    In fact, with basic sewing skills, you can even tighten the elastic in the skirt to make it last even longer. This works better wih fuller skirts rather than more fitted ones.
  • wyattj99
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    I use swaps on face book in your area or just friends gives me clothes. Sometimes area churches does free clothes giveaways ( I know they are for the less but it's not like your taking a butt load)
  • jlynnm70
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    I love thrift stores - Heck most of my clothes come from there anyway. I love looking for 98 cent tags. Perfect for transition - and they have plus sizes there too - you just have to look a little harder, but it's worth it.

    My favorite jeans were .98 and I need to go find some new ones! YAY the belt is driving me bonkers!

    Good luck!
  • BlueBombers
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    Thrift stores
  • ash8184
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    eBay! For work, I have to invest in a new wardrobe every time I lose a size or 2, so I post all of my outgrown clothes on ebay - work out clothes, suites, dress shirts, etc. It's worth a check. I know sizing is weird, but if you know how Lane Bryant (for instance) fits, you can be pretty confident in getting a size that will work for you (or that you can shrink in to!).
  • katew221
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    I just did a transition shop :smile: I blogged about it here so you can read my experience more if you like.

    I would say go for it, and don't under spend on yourself because you don't think it's "worth it", each stage of this journey is a huge achievement :heart:

    If you are not sure about clothes and shopping in general like me (I was plus size for many many years and just avoided it like the plague) I would say, if you can, get to a shop with a personal shopping service. They can really help you pull clothes out that will flatter and be right for your changing shape, so you can wear them now, but also when they become looser.

    Best of luck!
  • krawhitham
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    I have the same issue, and I am using my sewing machine to bring things in 1" or so. I only do it to like two pairs of pants and two shirts, and that's all I really need for now...until I go down another few sizes. I can't afford to buy any clothes at this time. Hopefully I'll be in a better position when I've lost *all* the weight and can go back to wearing my old clothing.

    In my area there are also "free stuff" websites like Freecycle and Craigslist Where I find a lot of very quality free things.
    Good luck!
  • lilRicki
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    Value Village, Goodwill, the Post, Salvation Army...that's where I get most of my work clothes. Also the sales rack at Ricki's because I'm not about to spend $90 on a blazer. I will wait until it goes on sale for $15.