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Back in Nov 2012 I joined MFP, but I would only update sporadically. This past Feb, 2014, I finally decided to really make it a point to count EVERY little thing. Before if I went overboard, I'd just skip writing it in, but after a few days of that, I'd just quit it altogether. I started again FAITHFULLY on Feb 7th and am happy to say I've lost 10.6 pounds so far. I am on point for 1.5lbs a week, which really makes me happy. I have a very bad habit of weighing myself daily, which I am *trying* to stop, but it's hard. My husband and I are going on our first ever cruise in November, and I'd like to be down a significant amount by then. If I stay on track, I will be down about 48lbs which will put me just about at my goal.

I am really happy to have stuck with it this time, because I definitely see how it's so easy to consume soooo many more calories and you don't even really think about it.


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    Same story here! I started back up in March! Feel free to add me!
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    That is excellent! I started back on MFP 12/27/14. I am down almost 5 pounds and my eating habits have completely changed. I really want to be healthier and that is happening. Your cruise sounds wonderful and it is exciting to have that in mind as you work towards your goal!:happy:
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    It sounds like you've got the mindset needed to stick with this. And it might be handy to post a picture of something regarding your cruise on the fridge to remind yourself of how you want to feel and look by November. Kind of sets that goal right in front of you and remind you each time you go to open the fridge!
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    I created my mfp account like 2 years ago but never really used it. I logged back in january of this year and realized a weighed 30 pounds less back then. so that was somewhat depressing, bit encouraging. I slipped up again, but about a week ago I got back on track and I am determined to make it happen this time. my ultimate goal for the year is to be down to 150 by mybirthday in december. so thats about 70 lbs in 7 months. I know it will be tough for me at times so feel free to add me and we can support each other throughout the year. best of luck!
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    Good to read such wonderful things here! I joined MFP a while back, then didn't get regular until last year, logging every single bite and every step I no time, I was seeing results in the way my clothes fit and lost a couple of pant sizes! However, things turned pretty bad for a short time when I had to move due to a breakup (cheating boyfriend) and I started burying myself in a cycle of overworking at my job (12 hr shifts), eating after, and immediately passing out from exhaustion. Any days off I had were spent either moping around in bed or out drinking and eating very unhealthy fast food. Finally, I lost the job due to a layoff and lost everything I had worked hard for (apartment, car, etc.)...then I had to move in with family.

    Shortly after, I met a wonderful guy who treats me well and I was ready to start getting back to my old habits (the good ones), but we were in a car wreck...there went my exercising for a while. I'm still having slight issues from it (mostly nerve damage in one leg, along with a slightly messed up knee), but can get myself to a gym and workout.

    For the past week, I have finally been able to get better about my habits. I log in my calories, just started the gym two days ago (and even got my mom into going with me), and am feeling much better already :)
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    Wow! After all of that, just take your time and do things slow. Don't over stress yourself, and I hope you're feeling a lot better soon.
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    Okay, so I AM a little bit worried, I'll be honest. Friday I felt like I was on some junk bender and wanted nothing more than to EAT a lot of CRAP. I ate some Hot Tamales, which are just basically sugar, but that was about it.....until tonight. I did karate last night for the first time and didn't count the entire 60 minutes because I wasn't sure if it was the same type of karate that MFP is figuring. This was the first class so it was a lot of cardio warming up and also doing the kicks and blocks. I had about 400 left over last night, but tonight..............oh my. I really blew it. I was already close to being over when they called and said karate was cancelled due to the weather (we're in Central PA and it snowed / rained / sleeted today, go figure) and I ended up going over. Even AFTER I was over, I wanted more junk and ate the rest of the Hot Tamales, then a Skinny Cow dark chocolate crisps 100 calorie bag, and 2 fun size Snickers.

    I really am afraid. I don't say that lightly. I think I've somehow gotten into this strange relationship with food, like I am addicted. I love the way Outback Aussie Fries (minus the bacon - I never eat pork) taste, and how they're smooshy......same goes for cookies (only the soft ones, I can turn my nose up at crunchy ones). Is there a way to break this?? Make the cravings for these things go away?? I was doing so well.....and only in the past week or so I've been feeling very stifled or something.

    We didn't eat a lot of fruit or veggies when I was growing up, so while I enjoy veggies now, fruit is still a struggle. But I need something sweet after my meals, and I'm not sure what to pick. I like red grapes, and honeydew, but need something quick. I do really like Weight Watchers Smart Ones desserts, so maybe I'll try keeping those at the ready.

    Thanks for reading, I just needed to vent.
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    A good start would be to simply trash the bad foods and start keeping only healthy things on hand (if it's not available, you won't eat it). Grapes are a good choice, along with some greek yogurt. Veggies are good with a greek yogurt-based veggie dip or some hummus, as well.

    I've found that when it comes to eating out (such as your Outback ventures), it's a good idea to practice moderation. Not a good idea to eat it everyday, but when you do, start your meal with a salad (preferably with a non-creamy dressing, such as vinegar-based) and a full glass of water (refreshing with a squeeze of lemon). After that, a rule of thumb is to eat half of your meal and then put the other half in a to-go box for a later meal (perhaps a yummy lunch the next day). Personally, however, I have found that even though it's nice to eat out, it is even better to eat in at home. There are ways to cook good, filling meals that are low cal and satisfying!

    If you'd like, you can add me and message me any questions you have and I will do my best to help you :)
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    hello all, I just started the other day, and have a very long way to go! I plan to start a 30 day trial at a local gym on the 1st. I've never been to a gym before and I have some moderate social anxiety, I'm not sure how it's gonna go, but I REALLY want this. I've been logging my foods and exercise for the past couple days, gonna try and remain mindful of my eating and activity, this is the best I've ever done with it in my life, so I have high hopes. :bigsmile: good luck to you all!!
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    I am new to mfp and looking for support in our fitness journeys please add me so we can motivate each other.