Calories burned with Walk At Home?

So I'm starting to do Walk at Home workouts with Leslie Sansone and I'm wondering how many calories would I burn on average? Right now I'm doing the 2 mile one. I'm 5'7", weighing 123-125lbs.


  • MikeInAZ
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    Get a Polar FT4 heart rate monitor. Your Calorie Burn is based on your effort, respiration, heart rate, etc. The FitBit/Nike Fuel, etc isn't REALLY that accurate for calories burned. Plus the Polar FT4 is cheaper than the others.
  • MJ1975CA
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    Get a heart rate monitor if you can. I can do a 45 minute/3 mile Walk Away the Pounds workout with moderate effort and no weights one day and the next day do the same workout with 2 pound weights and max effort and burn almost 200 more calories than the day before. I can say that logging it as Aerobics-general is a close calorie burn to what my HRM states when I do NOT use weights and put forth moderate effort. Log it as low impact aerobics to be safe if you are worried. (you are younger than me and weight less)

    I just did the 3 mile walk Away the Pounds for the Abs with 2 pound weights and Max effort (Hit each move hard, kicked high and really pushed the weights, heat rate was between 140-155 after the first mile) and I burned 550 calories in 45 minutes. I did the same workout last week with no weights and put burned just under 300 calories.

    There are a few of her workouts that do not burn as many calories and I have found a few that really get the heart rate going. You Tube has a few good ones including the 3 mile one I did today.

    Good luck!!!
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    I usually track it as aerobics general on here, I try to put forth my max effort and I also use 3-5lb weights and occasionally 2lb ankle weights when I do the walk at home videos. I'm not sure how accurate it is, but I've been using that for tracking it for about 4 months and have lost 30 lbs so I would say its pretty accurate.
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    I log it as circuit training. I use the walk away belt and also on some cds I use 2lb hand weights or 2 lb ball weights. I usually alternate them. Hope to get back at it but I would alternate walking tapes and then treadmill and bike. That is how i lost the 49 lbs. excercise makes a big difference:smile:
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    Someone directed me to this post from Leslie's blog.
    Thought I'd share ! :)
    Hope it helps