small victory but fells huge to me

D_T_H Posts: 39 Member
so today was a small victory for me I went to the movie theatre for the first time in 15 years due to not fitting in the seats myself my wife and oldest daughter watched 300 rise of an empire in 3d and might I say 3d has come a long way since the days of the red and green glasses will deff go again as I felt comfortable fitting in those seats next victory will be fitting on all the rides and the red river ex :)


  • D_T_H
    D_T_H Posts: 39 Member
    lol opps feels huge
  • watchhillgirl
    watchhillgirl Posts: 597 Member
    Way to go! What a great accomplishment!
  • akaar78
    akaar78 Posts: 27 Member
    Enjoy your's a great feeling
  • bever20145
    bever20145 Posts: 35 Member
    Awesome! Thats great :)
  • mbennett024
    mbennett024 Posts: 53 Member
    Hey that is a huge victory! Congratulations!
  • Emi1974
    Emi1974 Posts: 522 Member
    I am very happy for you :flowerforyou:
  • QueenE_
    QueenE_ Posts: 522 Member
    Nice. :glasses:
  • retiree2006
    retiree2006 Posts: 951 Member
    That's a wonderful success and I'm sure you'll have many more coming your way!
  • Jeffy67
    Jeffy67 Posts: 112 Member
    Congrats! Great work!
  • SkinnyBubbaGaar
    SkinnyBubbaGaar Posts: 389 Member
    Solid work and well done. It's amazing, these seemingly simple milestones, aren't they? I remember riding a roller coaster last summer with my boys. Would not have been able to do that just 6 months prior. Keep up with your progress - such a wonderful gift for yourself and your family.
  • ParkerH47
    ParkerH47 Posts: 463 Member
    no small victory!! what an amazing bonus to your lifestyle change!! congrats :)
  • maryseb63
    maryseb63 Posts: 98 Member
    Great for you, some don't understand it, but when small things are out of your reach and then accomplished it feels great.
  • cheekym7
    cheekym7 Posts: 570 Member
    That is so awesome!! congrats, and good work and dedication!!
  • D_T_H
    D_T_H Posts: 39 Member
    thank you everyone it is a great feeling and there will be many more this site and the knowledge I have learned from here is one of the best things that could have happened for me I will keep you all posted on future victories
  • fourluvbugs
    fourluvbugs Posts: 194 Member
    Way to go! That's an awesome victory!
  • Scott_2025
    Scott_2025 Posts: 201 Member
    Not a small victory. but a huge one!!!
  • judyamk
    judyamk Posts: 79 Member
    That is NO small victory that is a very huge VICTORY I am so happy for you!!!! I am starting over & I lost ONE pound ,to some that may seem a wee wee feat. Not to me I walked 2 miles last night , & I am doing the April Challenge that is posted. Started seriously over last night. I am putting down every thing I eat with no cheating for me !!!
    Take care & keep us posted
  • chesnity3
    chesnity3 Posts: 960 Member
    Great job!
  • h_t_d
    h_t_d Posts: 2
    That was a huge victory for u, it felt so good to have u to hold on to and by my side, love u so much and we are all so very proud of u and how far u have come. :flowerforyou:
  • softncudly
    softncudly Posts: 722 Member
    Yay you!:flowerforyou: :wink:
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