We are in week 4... I'm feeling great...

But my wife is feeling discouraged. I am considerably bigger than my wife, and I am dropping on the average of 7.5 pounds a week, and should hit my 5 week goal I set of 30 pounds by the end of week 4. My wife is down 12 pounds, and is feeling a bit discouraged by comparing our losses. Should I slow my progress to keep her spirits up? MFP has me at 1940 calories, but I generally take in 1300-1450. I generally don't get hungry because of the caloric buffer i leave myself allows me to have an apple or something when the munchies do hit. MFP has her at 1400, and she usually comes in around 1250-1300. We have made this lifestyle change together, for each other and our family. I hate seeing her discouraged, especially when I am riding that high of a pound a day. I almost don't want to tell her what my loss is on Saturdays, even when she asks at breakfast that morning. What do you guys think?


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    You say your considerably bigger than her so you will lose faster than she will. The smaller you get, the slower you'll lose. Twelve lbs in 4 weeks is awesome. I wouldn't slow down your loss so she can catch up but I would have her read up on the numerous threads here that will explain why you're losing faster and help keep her motivated. My husband and I have the same problem. He is much bigger than me so he's losing around 3-5 lbs a week while I'm only losing a pound a week, if that. But that's ok because at this pace, I'll hit my goal within 6 months.
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    Congrats on your weightloss! You seem to be a very lovely and caring husband! The above poster is spot on. You have more weight to lose bad therefore you lose faster. If you calculate you weightloss in relationship to your weight and then do the same for your wife you will see there is not such a huge difference! If one loses for example 6kg from a total of 60 kg than this makes 10%. Another person might be losing 10kg in the same time, but from a weight of 100kg. The end result is the same, 10%.
    Do not give up on your weightloss! You are on a roll!
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    As you get closer to her size, your weight loss will slow. I wouldn't change anything about how you're changing your lifestyle, just emphasize her achievement. Compliment her hard work, her appearance, her fortitude. Point out how you have so much more to lose to catch-up to her. It's a self esteem thing. You can't fix her self esteem by making yourself look worse. Just tell her how awesome she is. If she asks over breakfast, be honest and tell her how you worry that she's seeing this as a competition/comparing herself to you.
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    My husband always loses faster than me. It is a fact of life I just have learned to deal with. Don't slow your progress it will happen as you get smaller. Do other things to reassure her like noticing how loose her pants are.
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    She will unfortunately have to get over it, because men just lose a lot quicker than woman. it's normal. Just keep encouraging her and complimenting her. It will keep her motivated to keep going!!!!! GOOD LUCK YOU GUYS:)
  • Thanks a bunch for all the positive feedback. I know that cutting my loss is not the right thing. I was just trying to be the supporting husband, and keep her moral up. We work out side by side at home, and we keep ourselves motivated, but her 0 loss last week really bummed her out. You guys will see me around often... I like message boards, lol.