Baking cupcakes

funkygas Posts: 191 Member
For those who have seen my posts before, you will know I have a real problem with baking cookies and the like, and not pigging out on the dough and the finished product. My weekend was just like this, where I went a bit overboard with baking - I had just returned from a business trip and I spent the time in the kitchen de-stressing.

But my success story comes from last night. I realised on Monday I really needed to buckle down and be serious about my eating again, but this week is my daughter's birthday and mine is next. My daughter asked me to make cupcakes for her to take to her class today, so last night I dutifully made the required number of cupcakes, and only had 1 to make sure they tasted ok. Only about 2 licks of the spatula as well.

And instead of the planned pasta meal I was going to have for dinner, which would have put me a little over my calories for the day, I changed to an omelette, so I had my cupcake, enjoyed it, and this morning I was down a little in my weight as well.



  • Fit_Fox88
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    WTG! I have a problem licking the bowl, spatula, spoon whatever when I'm cooking or baking. It's hard to change a planned dinner when you have your mind set on it, (especially when it's pasta! :sad: ) but i'm sure it feels great knowing that you were able to eat your cupcake and not go over your calories for the day b/c of that choice. Good luck going forward!!
  • funkygas
    funkygas Posts: 191 Member
    Thanks for the encouragement!

    For those who are interested, this is what the cupcakes looked like:


    with the recipe from

    Now I've just got to survive baking the white chocolate berry cheesecake my daughter has requested for her birthday cake tonight, the honey-almond cake she has requested for her birthday party, and then my birthday cake and celebrations on the weekend!!
  • funkygas
    funkygas Posts: 191 Member
    Found another way to not eat the cookie dough while baking - I'm gluten intolerant and I just made a batch of 'normal' cookies to use up some stuff that had been contaminated. As much as it pained me not to lick the spatula, beaters or mixing bowl, I didn't!
  • sassyfrass9
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    bump for the recipe. i am gluten-intolerant as well and these look like a nice treat for when my family wants cupcakes. thank you so much!
  • amwoidyla
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    Those look wonderful! And the other cakes sound like heaven too.
    Glad you didn't try to pass of dinner rolls and whip as cupcakes!
  • funkygas
    funkygas Posts: 191 Member
    For those interested, here's how the birthday dinner for my daughter turned out:


    Turkey burgers


    White chocolate baked berry cheesecake

    And the gluten-containing cookies (that I had none of!):


    (Sorry, I haven't figured out how to resize the photos yet!)

    All recipes, for those interested, are at

    All very yummy (and I've stayed below my calorie limit for the day today as well! Yay me!!
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