Trying to lose 40 lbs in 2 months...



  • Aaron_K123
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    Try working out in other ways then just walking your body is probubly getting used to it try lifting weight, when you lift you burn fat for hrs as in (4-6) after where as cardio you only burn for maby a hr after

    Yeah don't you know, if you walk enough eventually your body no longer requires calories to walk. Then we just hook you up to a generator and solve the global energy crisis!

    In all seriousness going for a morning walk everyday is a great idea and an excellent way to keep up the calorie burn, no matter how often you do it.
  • suziecue66
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    The walking is doing her good and as cardio is the only exercise keeping her carbs lower is okay.
    Maybe eventually introduce some bodyweight training at home if cannot get to a gym.