Skin Worries

Sorry again for the repost,

I'm 5'5, age 20 and weigh 215lbs(just over 15st). So I've motivated myself to lose weight, or rather the the fact im going on holiday with a load of skinny girls in August has motivated me to finally lose weight and I just generally be a healthier person. I'm doing it the right way, I've started eating around 1, 500 a day and I'm doing cardio and weights at the gym. However I only have 5 months and it's not so much I want to lose 75lbs (I don't mind swapping fat weight for muscle weight) but I want to look good. So I'm debating on cutting down my calories to around 1,000 for 2 weeks out of the months. However I've scared myself into thinking that skimping on calories will make you have saggy skin. I'm hoping at 20 I still have some elasticity in my skin but it has been streched since I was about 13 :/ I just want to know if I lost about 70lbs this short space of time will I end up with saggy skin for the rest of my life? Would that amount of weight be too much too soon or will exercising help my skin bounce back? I'd rather not be the whale on the beach but... I don't want to rush my body and leave it in a mess for the rest of my life. Any advice/ personal experience on this would be great.


  • only two things will fix skin, time and surgery.

    as for the other stuff, please dont go below 1200 cals a day, your body needs it to function properly.

    At 20 your skin will likely shrink back, but it may not, it can take a long time, perhaps a lot longer than 5 months, if at all

    Im a firm believer that it doesnt matter how fast you lose the weight, if your skin is going to shrink back its going to do it over a period of time regardless.
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    Haha, "firm believer" accidental pun? :)

    Thanks for the reply, I think I'm just going to keep at it and if I start to feel like my skin is too saggy then I'll just slow things down :)
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    Look at getting lotion with coco butter or get pure coco butter. This really helps to moisturize the skin to help it recover plus stay hydrated. Going down to 1000 calories may damage your skin more because if you loose weight too fast your skin doesn't have time to recover. Plus you might not get all of the nutrition your body needs to keep your skin healthy.