Where do u grocery shop and why?



  • VegasFit
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    Costco for frozen meats, veggies, fruit, flax, chia, coconut oil, almond milk. I also check the weekly ads for Smiths and Albertson's, the two stores closest to my house and buy my salmon, beef, and frozen individual veggie packs there when the price is right and just freeze for future use. I sometimes do bountifulbaskets.org for my fruit and veggies because the price is good and it forces me to experiment.
  • NoFrills. Nice and cheap. :)
  • FatFreeFrolicking
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    Stop & Shop (meat and salmon, Greek yogurt).
    Whole Foods (for my produce, gluten free items, and Earth Balance).
    Trader Joe's (occasionally… closest one is 40 minutes away).
    Big Y (meat and salmon, Greek yogurt).

    During spring/summer, I grow my own veggies and buy produce through a local farms co-op.
  • Jade0529
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    a mix of stores including local small fruit and veg sellers, big chain grocery stores, and what we call "the Dep" or "Depanneur" which is basically a convenience store for late night milk and bread runs. (they also sell beer, liquor, snacks, smokes, bus passes etc)
  • gaylelynnbell
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    HEB for my major shopping. For the in between trips to the store, I go to Kroger since it's only about a block from my house. I think of it as a really large convenience store! Occasionally, I run into Walmart, but they would have to pay me to eat their produce. HEB has the best prices and the freshest produce and meat and a really wide selection.
  • quicklabs
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    Hi there, neighbor!
    I shop at Kroger Marketplace in Beavercreek (great produce selection), Dorothy Lane Market (for fish and all my meats) and Trader Joe's. Commissary trips are generally limited to picking up Edy's Slow Churned Ice Cream at a good price. Since we eat so much produce and organic stuff, it's usually not worth the trip or the hassle.
    I'm in the Air Force, so I do most of my shopping at the base commissary because they sell stuff at cost. They aren't known for their produce freshness/selection, nor do they get new products quickly, so I get most of that stuff at Meijer, Dorothy Lane Market, and Trader Joe's. And Target for Mello Yello Zero because they are the only place in my area that sells it.
  • montana_girl
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    We shop at Wal-Mart and the Natural Grocers. If we can't get organic, grass fed, fresh caught, etc at Wal-Mart, then we pick it up at the Natural Grocers. Why do we do this? Because we try to eat as "clean" (I put that in quotes because everyone has there own version of clean eating) as possible when we eat at home.
  • I mostly shop at Shaws, Market Basket, and sometimes Hannaford's because they have a lot of good vegan products (I live in New England btw) but sometimes I will get some things from Trader Joe's. I work at a small locally owned grocery store that get stuff from too :) basically I love food shopping haha.
  • queenofheartz44
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    Bulk shopping done at Costco because I can feed a small army for not much $$$. Individual and/or specialty type items we shop at Sprouts (just around the corner from our house) and Trader Joe's (near my wife's office)...occasionally Albertson's but I hate that place (because they never have checkout staff and lines out the butt).

    I love Trader Joe's, and Fry's. We are getting a Sprouts here in Prescott Valley and have heard their prices are better than Whole Foods but I have never been there so I have no clue what its like! The Albertson's up here is just weird so I avoid it, has a really off feeling about it.
  • kgeyser
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    Mostly Wegmans because they have the largest selection, and for quick trips I go to Harris Teeter because it is within walking distance and they have a few items I can't find at Wegmans. I'm not really happy about either choice, both places are expensive. I'm working on getting my coupons more in order and trying to pick things up on sale. I miss shopping at the commissary; unfortunately, the closest one is a 30 min drive with no traffic, and in NoVA there is no such thing as no traffic.
  • GatorUA
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    I shop at Save A Lot for some canned goods and paper goods. They're on the way to other places so I don't make a special trip there. There are few name brands but a lot of their brands are made by the big companies.

    I shop at the Asian market "Lotte" for spices, lentils, beans, and all my fruits and veggies. They're half the price and have a lot of great things. Since I get my fresh veggies there, I go to Lotte about every other week, sometimes every week.

    I shop at Whole Foods for the vegan substitute foods that my husband likes (sausages, meat substitute, vegan cheeses) when I don't have time to make them myself. I can get my soy or almond creamer at the local grocery so I only go to WF when I'm out of the "hubby food." When he's traveling, I don't use any substitutes, just lots of veggies, and grains. We go to Whole Foods maybe once a month or less.

    And for spur of the moment things, like when I need a bag of baby spinach, we have a Safeway 3 miles from the house, a Target with some food less than a mile away. I try to avoid Wal-mart.
  • Timelordlady85
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    We shop Publix, Sam's Club and Walmart. Depends on the sales at Publix with their produce and BOGO(buy one,get one free) items that are healthy. Otherwise we get most of our smaller staple items (excluding meat) from walmart and the meats and bulkier items like eggs, cheese, salad veggies and fruits we get at Sam's club. If I see a good sale at the local produce market, I'll shop from there also.
  • Annie_01
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    H-E-B! It has great everything, pretty much. A good selection of fresh produce and organic items. About on par with Walmart in terms of price. A lot times their house brand of things is just as good as name brand. We have a few Whole Foods and Trader Joes, but they are always so so packed, it really doesn't make for an enjoyable experience. For time, money, and overall experience, I'll take H-E-B!

    The H-E-B where I shop...they have a good selection...great prices...decent produce...they are however a zoo...need to take Valiums before entering.
  • will2lose72
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    HEB, Target, Walmart and Sam's. Rarely at Randall's and Whole Foods. I shop at all of the first 3 main ones (Sam's maybe once a month or less) because that's what it takes to find everything we like. HEB is to the point that products don't get shelf space unless they are HEB brand. It's seriously like they could move the brand name items to one aisle of the store at this point.
  • Annie_01
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    Sprout's Farmers Market...starting this weekend. I am moving within a 5 minute walk from them.
  • mom2aeris
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    Costco & Kroger. I live in a fairly large household, so we need to buy some of our stuff from Costco to save the money, but I am also on WIC so I get some of my stuff from Kroger out of necessity. I wish Costco had some more options for certain things, but that's ok.
  • lbelle987
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    I primarily shop at Kroger. I like Kroger prices, the gas points & their store brands (especially Simple Truth). The main thing I avoid buying there is meat, which I buy in bulk at Costco or a butcher. Simple Truth organic meats are good, but the prices aren't, so I shop elsewhere :)
  • Foodiethinking
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    Londoner over here :)

    My weekly shop is at my local Lidl because I know where everything is- I can be in and out in 20minutes with a week's shopping- and it's cheap. I mainly get meat and dairy, and some fruit if on offer.

    Tesco to fill the gaps like uncommon spices, specific brand items. But more expensive :/

    Local market a couple of times a week for cheap fruit and veg- my only weakness is buying too much for my fridge or to carry!
  • Athijade
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    I shop many different places because I have a restricted diet due to medical reasons (essentially, certain foods can cause my condition to flare and leave me in pain for days). With these restrictions it is sometimes about finding a BRAND more then a store.

    Once a month I go to Whole Foods and pick up a few staples like pear juice, chips, popcorn, rices, and stuff like that. They also has a pretzel bun that is safe that is SO good for hamburgers. So I always plan burgers the week I will be there!

    MOST of my basics (fruits/vegetables/meats) are bought weekly at Trader Joes. I also get my milk and a few frozen items there. Good prices and good options.

    I also shop at Fresh Market mostly for special meat cuts (bone in rib eyes or coconut crusted cod for example) and bread.

    Then I have Meijer if I want bagels or alfredo sauce.

    Then Target because it is the only place I can find the frozen chicken nuggets that are safe for me. But I just buy 2 bags at a time!

    When the Farmers Markets open up around here, I figure I will buy a good amount of my groceries there. At least at the one I used to go to, I could get my beef and lamb, eggs, bread, and produce there. Will have to see what the offerings are like here.