Do you feel fuller faster after losing weight?

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Really curious about this... I see people who now feel full after much less food than they used to. It's not the case for me. It takes a LOT of food for me to feel 'full' (but yes, I've learned that waiting 20 minutes before eating more definitely makes a difference). But again, I've never eaten huge quantities of food at a time (like, I've always stopped at 3 slices of pizza, and a 8 inch sub was always my max), my issue was more snacking all the time even when not hungry (I still do it, but I'm obviously more careful). Mostly I guess I'm more often 'not hungry' than 'full', if it makes sense (it took a 3200 calorie meal for my anniversary to actually feel 'full' enough that I couldn't eat another bite).



  • navyrigger46
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    Nope, quite the opposite actually, I can eat more before feeling stuffed, but I also recognize when I am satisfied and stop there now, something I didn't do so well when I was bigger.

  • BlueBombers
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    Not really, I'm always hungry.
  • gotolam
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    I'd have to stop, otherwise I'd keep eating. No shutoff valve on my brain when it comes to good food. I was at a function this weekend and in one sitting, ate about 1/2 the amount of total calories for the week.
  • Francl27
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    OK that makes me feel better!
  • fificrazy
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    Restriction can mess with your hunger cues, shutting them off to help cope with being in a state of starvation. The digestive system can also slow down (to prolong the state of having food in the stomach and to suck every last piece of nutrition out of it.) People who experience this might also experience more energy (to help sustain the hunter in gathering more food for his starving tribe!). But these are bad signs... and yet, dieters brag often brag about them after losing weight. Sigh.

    The fact that you ARE hungry might be annoying, but congrats- it means you're eating enough to still properly function! Ha.
  • cingle87
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    Ive noticed that I can no longer eat the same quanity of food as I did before and not feel gross. When there was football on and I had mates around could easily polish a 14" pizza beer sides and desert, now I even look at a 14" pizza i get nervous. I went to the cinema the other day bought a bag of sweet during the film ate them all just to keep my hand busy and felt horrible afterwards.

    For me those this is a good sign, Its my body finally realising what a "normal" amount of food is like and to give the apropriate full signals.
  • caveninit
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    I definitely feel full on much less food than I used to be able to eat.I think it's because I tend to eat a lot slower now.
  • dsb188
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    I've lost about 36 pounds and I still feel like i want to eat more. I feel like it hasn't changed. I think the only thing that prevents me from eating more is the idea that I might gain all my weight back.
  • pianochick5254
    I'm not really sure but I've definitely noticed that my body can distinguish food quality now. If I eat a hamburger with a banana, I'm full. But I can also eat a gigantic salad and get full too for the same amount of calories, and when I say gigantic I mean like whole tomato, whole green pepper, whole cucumber, etc.

    I can also smash fruit like I've never been able to before. 1 banana used to fill me up and now I can eat like 4 at a sitting with a side of grapes and still be doing great calorie wise.

    The denser the food, the heavier and fuller I feel I guess.
  • Jruzer
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    I am training myself to eat more slowly and mindfully. This has helped me to feel more full. But otherwise, no.
  • gloriaqzhao
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    I'd have to stop, otherwise I'd keep eating. No shutoff valve on my brain when it comes to good food. I was at a function this weekend and in one sitting, ate about 1/2 the amount of total calories for the week.

    :-) Been there, Done that!
  • _lyndseybrooke_
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    No, because I'm not really eating "less" food in terms of volume, I just eat things that have fewer calories for the same amount of food. I could easily put away an entire restaurant entree that would cost me about 1500-2000 calories. However, I can eat a similar amount for dinner at home and it's more like 500-550 calories.

    I eat all day, and it's certainly not lettuce and raw broccoli. I actually don't eat enough vegetables. I still manage to fit everything into my macros and not starve all day.

    Now, on weekends when I use my exercise calories from the week, I find myself ordering smaller portions of delicious fattening foods I love and still being satisfied, but I think that's because I used to eat until I felt sick and not until I was just "full." For example, at Arby's, I used to get the mid-sized Beef and Cheddar sandwich with medium curly fries and drink. Now, I order the classic sized sandwich with small fries and I'm full by the time I'm done. And I end up saving a few hundred calories. :)