Must cancel gym membership...Home fitness success stories?



  • beastmode_kitty
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    I lost my first huge amount of weight at a gym, but last fall when I got married my husband and I used part of the money we received to purchase a treadmill as well as a home bowflex system. I've also bought a olympic barbell, and a few others. Now I love working out at home, and i'm still continuing to lose the weight. You also don't have to fight others for certain machines ;)
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    I've never stepped foot inside a gym and have lost around 40lbs in the past year.

    I use picked up a few sets of dumbbells, although, I've used gallons of milk, bags of flour etc and I love my resistance bands. I've made due pretty will with various free websites (here's looking at you nerd fitness), youtube, and some borrowed workout dvds (crazy amount of Jillian Michaels nonsense). I don't know if it's helped at all but it certainly hasn't hurt but I also walk everywhere and try to do a decent amount of yoga. So yeah, it's totally possible to be successful working out at home.
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    I would personally use that $64 a month and put it into an awesome home gym. Craigslist is great and you can get a barbell and weight for about $100. That should be enough to get you started in strength training. After a couple months, it more than pays for itself and you can always add on if you want.

    If the OP is trying to cut back and get rid of a $64 expense, what would be the difference between using the $64 for a gym membership and using it to make a home gym except that now OP will have to find a place to store all the equipment?

    I have had little success with exercising at home - too many distractions - but I did have some success walking/jogging around the neighborhood when I lived in a neighborhood with side walks. If you want to add a little upper body resistance, use weights (when walking - weights aren't recommended for jogging.)

    really? I'm not even sure how that's a valid question.

    The difference between setting up your OWN home gym vs paying a gym membership- pretty obvious.

    Power Cage + Barbell + Weight set range between 100-500 used. So even if you go with 500.
    64$ a month = 768$ a year.
    The set pays for itself in less than a year.

    Kind of a no brainer.

    I don't workout at home- so spending money on a gym- is NOT a waste of time for me- sure I could purchase a set for home- but I woulnd't use it- I LIKE going to the gym. So just because it's a waste of money for some people- doesn't mean it's a waste for others. To me: Starbucks- is a waste of money- getting my nails done- is a waste of money.

    To other people- that's their bread and butter and it makes them VERY happy- they probably would think my sewing projects are a waste of money- but it's important to me- so it is what it is.

    The ultimate answer is NO you do not need a gym to lose weight OR to get in shape.
    That being said if you aren't working out on your own- and the gym is a solid way for you to workout- it might be an option - working out at home takes diligence and self discipline- more so for me than just dragging my fat butt to the gym- to me that's easy- working out at home- is hard.

    So in that respect- the 25$ a month I pay- is well worth it for me- so you just have to prioritize and figure out what's really goign to get you what you want.

    Check out Waldo's site:
    Strength Unbound-
    he started from pretty much middle age man who had atrocious balance and is now a complete bad *kitten* of body weight workouts.

    You can do what you want if you put your mind to it- and that's pretty much all there is to it.
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    I had access to a gym the entire time I was in the military, and I got fat because I refused to use it. (I am not a very social person, and although I don't get anxiety at a gym, I prefer to work out completely alone and in silence.)

    See my profile and my profile pic. All completed using equipment at home.
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    If you are disciplined enough to workout and have the appropriate equipment to do so, then there is no reason you can't get as good if not better of a workout at home.

    That said, I have always worked out at home. Just not a fan of working out at gyms (for numerous reasons)
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    I would personally use that $64 a month and put it into an awesome home gym. Craigslist is great and you can get a barbell and weight for about $100. That should be enough to get you started in strength training. After a couple months, it more than pays for itself and you can always add on if you want.
    Like others, this is what I did... works great. I use my basement for almost all my workouts. You might also be able to get a treadmill or elliptical this way, and watch your favorite TV shows on Netflix or DVD or something.
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    Has helped me tremendously. :happy:

    Also look at auctions and estate sales.
    I got a really nice adjustable dumbbell set with stand and 2 benches for $60 at an auction.
    If I had bought it all new it would have been about $400. So yeah, secondhand is the way to go!

    Good luck to you! :happy:
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    I think really it boils down to..are you going to put in the work? If you're committed to weight loss/gaining health then there are plenty of things outside of a gym that can be done for free, nearly free, or are covered under something your already paying for (ie: internet, cable, etc). You tube has a ton of work out videos...if you have cable w/ on demand there may be a exercise on demand channel, walking/running, yard work, "disco" house cleaning dance party.....the possibilities are ENDLESS! :)
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    I gained 45 lbs during both of my pregnancies and I lost all the weight without a gym membership. I used workout videos, youtube, wii dancing games, walking.

    I workout 30-60 minutes a day at home right now doing P90X3 and a couple of other videos and am noticing a good difference in muscle.
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    I started working out at home because I lived in Saudi Arabia where women's gyms are technically illegal (although there are one or two that operate in Riyadh, but Riyadh was hundreds of miles away)

    Anyway, yes it can be done. I've continued to work out at home living in Bahrain as well, because my work schedule is weird and gyms are expensive.

    I bought the equipment bit by bit, as in buying new plates when the amount I can deadlift goes up enough to need to buy new plates. If money's an issue you can look up online to see what used equipment is available locally. You may be able to pick up some bargains.
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    Bump. Some amazing ideas in here!
  • Awesomers
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    I have lost 30 pounds without a gym membership.

    My routine consists of various exercises (4-6 days a week), walking, and running. I am slowly building up a home gym by buying gently used weights from a used sports equipment store. You don't get access to fancy machines, but I have found it to be very effective.
  • itsnojokeanymore
    dvds and the wii and get a dog to walk
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    I started with a pull up bar ($20) and some adjustable dumbbells at home. Lost ~8% body fat. Some pretty decent bodyweight fitness achievements for a ~40yr old. 5x30 strict pull ups. 5x100 push ups. But ultimately I wanted to incorporate more weight in the lifts and work on a different strength model. Progression is so much easier and enjoyable with barbells.

    My gym is free with my employment, and very convenient, but if I didn't have that, I'd look into a power rack at home.

    Anyway, point is you can get fit with a very low investment and bodyweight.
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    I have never had a gym membership, yet I've been healthy my whole life (52 years and counting). In 2011, I decided I'd let the weight creep up enough and lost 27 lbs exercising at home or outside. Over the years I have done many things to keep fit outside a gym.

    DVDs - Zumba, Turbo Fire, ChaLEAN extreme, Jane Fonda, Tai Bo, Bodies in Motion, various others I can't remember right now (and yes, some of those were VHS. I'm old)

    Home exercise equipment - treadmill, eliptical, stairmaster, free weights, resistance bands, thighmaster, step (for step aerobics), universal weght machine, jump rope, hula hoop, Wii Fit

    Outdoor exercise equipment - hiking boots, walking shoes, running shoes, bicycle, roller blades, basketball, softball, frisbee

    Indoor/outdoor equipment - my body. I do a lot of bodyweight exercises, both strength and cardio - squats, lunges, wall sits, pushups, tricep dips, bridges, burpees, mtn climbers, russion twists, yadda, yadda, yadda

    I have enjoyed most of these, and all have improved my fitness. But my favorites are those that use nothing by me and some sort of shoes. You don't need to spend a single penny to be fit, but a good pair of shoes is helpful.
  • JemS_21
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    I don't go to a gym, in fact I hate gyms! Having to share equipment, listen to other people, wear flip flops in the shower so I work out at home.
    I rotate Jillian Michaels dvds - 30 day shred (level 1 is free on youtube) & ripped in 30 (these are also free on youtube) or you can buy the dvds on amazon like I did if you don't have great connection or can't be bothered to strain at a small laptop screen. (I'm in the UK - the dvds were about £5 inc delivery so maybe $8 [depending on the link you find!])

    I also found absolutely tons of great workouts on Youtube - most of the ones I use are between 20-40 mins and are great at mixing things up for circuits and full body workouts or you can find lots of videos targeting specific areas. I subscribe to BeFit (it's free!) and use Jillian Michaels arm workouts to try and build my pathetic upper body strength.

    Add some walking/light jogging 3 x a week especially now the weather is getting warmer and it's lighter till later, you've got nothing to lose! You'll feel great for working out - you can still do this with your partner and best of all it's free! You don't need much equipment for home workouts - usually only a yoga mat and some weights (again I'm sure you can pick these things up pretty cheap anywhere - walmarts or car boots or I don't actually know any other stores in America but you get the drift) they're cheap but damn good investments and as you get stronger you can up the weights

    It's sitll working out and being healthy but without the high expenses, travelling back and forth and wearing flip flips in your shower
    And if you're like me where you get paranoid that people are going to stare cause you look a joke trying to lift something heavy, then it's perfect because there's no one else around.

    I usually find that I leave my dvds next to the TV in the sitting room - that way if I sit down to chill and I haven't worked out - i feel guilty because the dvds are right there staring at me - so I do workout!

    I've lost nearly 18lbs just working out from home, eating healthy and using the great outdoors to walk/jog and clear my lungs!

    Ps. here are some links to the workouts I use online:
    Ripped in 30 week 1:
    Ripped in 30 week 2:
    Ripped in 30 week 3:
    Ripped in 30 week 4:
    30 Day Shred Level 1:
    Arms & Shoulder workout:
    Abs Workout:

    These are just a few of them - there are literally 100s on BeFit so look about until you find ones you like and then just save them to your favourites so they're easier to find the next time
    (I sometimes find their voices annoying so i do the moves with the volume on mute and put my own music on! Another perk of working out at home - no need to worry my headphones will keep falling out as I don't need headphones!)
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    I have done all my work-outs at home body weight, inexpensive equipment, apps and an elliptical. I don't think a gym membership is necessary and in my case it wouldn't be practical.
  • rrrbecca11
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    Pay to work out?? I've never really grasped that concept. My whole life is my workout.
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    I try and cycle when ever possible.
    Did getting on for two and a half hours earlier to pick up a few bits.
    Due to town centre being busy, road works on the more open road and so on I reckon I'd have only saved half an hour in a car and it would have been less flexible - I'd have had to find somewhere to park to wander around the market, for instance, so probably wouldn't have bothered.

    As for weights, much prefer having my own setup - no waiting for the squat rack and inbetween sets I can do work and so on.
    I'm actually working away at the moment, but that hasn't stopped me...
    (I've got a home made proper 'power cage' where I normally am, as well as punch bag, tread mill, cross trainer, exercise bike, multigym and so on.)
    Total cost for everything would still be less than a year's membership of your gym!
  • WorkInProgress323
    Home workouts are my favorite (and my children's too) I have worked out at home since the early 80's... yes I'm old. Between my stationary bike, treadmill and DVD's (with weights)... although they were VHS tapes back in the day. Some were so good (The Firm) I had them converted into DVD's.

    I had gym memberships and It was a waste of money for me. One of my favorites is Chalene Extreme. I had great results with that back in 2009 I'm starting to use it again. But you'll have results with any workout if you eat right.

    Good luck! :smile: