Lost 110 pounds so far with 12 more to go with pics



  • healthyplans
    healthyplans Posts: 134 Member
    just amazing!!! Well done!!!
  • tgifemale
    tgifemale Posts: 2,279 Member
    What a great post! For me, you hit the nail on the head with the following: "The thing that helps me the most and what I learned, is how easy it is to gain weight and how hard it is to lose. not fair, is it? I know I can be bad a day and maybe gain a pound or so, but I also know it can take a week or two to lose that pound, and I hate going backwards. The other thing that helped me a lot was to pre log what i eat." This is so true. Thanks for going to the trouble of posting the pictures. Congratulations, you look great!
  • rabbyduby
    rabbyduby Posts: 123 Member
    Amazing - great job. Congratulations!!!
  • KariOrtiz2014
    KariOrtiz2014 Posts: 343 Member
    This is so inspirational!! You look great!! Keep it up! ????
  • kuntreeboy
    kuntreeboy Posts: 9 Member
    Amazing! You are an inspiration.
  • You look great!!! So happy for you!!! What an inspiration you are!!!
  • coopere6838
    coopere6838 Posts: 16 Member
    You are an inspiration!! :smile:
  • schaapj2
    schaapj2 Posts: 320 Member
    Fabulous job! You look terrific...and happy!
  • lilmoose0
    lilmoose0 Posts: 4 Member
    Great job, very inspiring.
  • RejsGirl
    RejsGirl Posts: 198 Member
    Congratulations!! You are an inspiration!!
  • fpelletier
    fpelletier Posts: 365 Member
    Congratulations! You have done wonderfully!
  • zebacuff
    zebacuff Posts: 39 Member
    Thanks so much for sharing. I have a similar starting point and goals, and it's encouraging to see the proof that persistence pays off. Congratulations!!
  • LosingExtraKristy
    LosingExtraKristy Posts: 164 Member
    ROCK STAR!!! Great job and congratulations!! :flowerforyou:
  • caveninit
    caveninit Posts: 153 Member
    Truly an inspiration! Congrats and thanks for sharing!
  • wakeupsleepyface
    wakeupsleepyface Posts: 18 Member
    That's amazing, good for you!!
  • Ldysw357
    Ldysw357 Posts: 118 Member
    You look wonderful! Very inspiring :)
  • DAM5412
    DAM5412 Posts: 660 Member

    Words can't even describe how awesome you are!
  • redfroggie
    redfroggie Posts: 591 Member
    Wow, you look amazing! Congratulations on all of your hard work and success!
  • gmthisfeller
    gmthisfeller Posts: 779 Member
    Great! Absolutely great!
  • What an inspiration you are. Thank you for sharing your story and pictures.
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