80 lb Weight Loss Achievement! (pics)

I did it!!



I wanted to take the time to share with my family, friends and supporters what an amazing and challenging adventure this has been. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without so many people cheering me on. I owe so much to my husband and closest friends, that words cannot even express.

Eighteen months after starting this journey, I finally stand on the scale today to see 135 lbs. I could hardly believe it possible before I made the decision to begin the necessary work. It took loving myself and changing my entire perspective on food to start taking the baby steps needed. In November 2012, I started by getting on my elliptical for 30 minutes every day when I got home from work. In February 2013, I began using MyFitnessPal to track my calories burned with exercise and my calories consumed every single day. It was such an eye opener to see what I was eating when I logged it in. That made it easier to start making smarter food choices and I learned so much very quickly. In March 2013, I pulled out my mountain bike and began riding the off road trails every week. In May 2013, I added 30 minutes of weight resistance training on my Total Gym. Now over the course of a year, I have seen an amazing difference in my strength and muscle tone.

In addition to my afternoon elliptical and weight resistance workout, I started running and training in August 2013 for a 5K mud run that took place in late September. That was one of the hardest things I had ever done and it was so much fun at the same time. Also in late August 2013, my husband and I peddled 109 miles on the George S. Mickelson trail which covers the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota on mountain bikes. It took us three days to ride it and that currently tops as being the hardest thing I have ever done. After the mud run, I continued to wake up at 4:50am every weekday morning and run 3 miles (so long as it wasn’t below 30 degrees and wet) with my hubby by my side. I have a new found love for running and continue to run five days a week.

When I would hit a plateau or feel that my workouts were getting easier, I didn’t stop or quit trying. That just told me that I was getting stronger and that I needed to add or change up what I was doing to challenge myself more. For motivation and suggestions, I would visit the MyFitnessPal website and read the success stories of other individuals who were working hard too. It was such an encouragement to hear how they did it or what they were doing to reach their ultimate goal. I just want to say thank you to the MyFitnessPal community as well for having a huge part in helping me stay focused and to never give up.

Weight maintenance is going to be the new challenge in my life now, but after a year and a half of hard work, I’m up for it. I feel like a whole new person who can do anything.

Thank you to everyone!!


  • erellube09
    erellube09 Posts: 16 Member
    Congratulations! You look amazing!
  • RhinestoneRocky
    RhinestoneRocky Posts: 124 Member
    You look fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful success! :D
  • carliaimac
    Wow, well done! You look fab.
  • MsPantherNPink
    MsPantherNPink Posts: 24 Member
    You really look great. Congratulations!!! I see the curves on you that I am trying to get. These photos will definitely inspire me.
  • shellylb52
    shellylb52 Posts: 157 Member
    Nice job! You look amazing :smile:
  • jcubedatund
    jcubedatund Posts: 71 Member
    congrats! That is amazing!
  • mariai_martinez
    mariai_martinez Posts: 37 Member
    Woohoo you look fantastic, way to go!
  • Mgregory723
    Mgregory723 Posts: 529 Member
    Fantastic job! :drinker: You look amazing!
  • Motivatedin20131969
    Motivatedin20131969 Posts: 33 Member
    Great job! Thank you for sharing your story!
  • anabs72
    anabs72 Posts: 19 Member
    Thank you so much for sharing. You look amazing, and certainly are a motivation for me. It's amazing how hard work will really help you reach that ultimate goal.
    SCSTWG Posts: 182 Member
    Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.
  • dschassie
    dschassie Posts: 192 Member
    Fantastic job, congrats on this major achievement! You look phenomenal!
  • ValGogo
    ValGogo Posts: 2,168 Member
    I lurve the dress! You look great!!!!
  • 4aces61
    4aces61 Posts: 292 Member
    You should be very proud of yourself. Congrats
  • graceisfree
    graceisfree Posts: 84 Member
    You look amazing. Congratulations!
  • SuckItUpKupcake
    SuckItUpKupcake Posts: 10 Member
    You look wonderful and healthy!!! Your hard work completely paid off, total kudos to you!! :):):)
  • mulecanter
    mulecanter Posts: 1,792 Member
    Seems like your story is as much about your fitness evolution as it is the weight loss itself. Wonderful.
  • kimkay1985
    kimkay1985 Posts: 73 Member
    Congratulations! I am working thru a plateau right now and this was the motivation I needed!
  • 540BamaBabe
    540BamaBabe Posts: 14 Member
    What an accomplishment - YOUR ROCK GIRL - such and inspiration to us all!
  • ripzone13
    ripzone13 Posts: 83 Member
    You look amazing, good job!~
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