Pneumonia Shot Help

Please I need advice!!! I already posted this but didnt get any feedback so i am going to try one more time...thanks
I cant zzz i hope u guys can help me.... I got the pneumonia shot on Wednesday and my arm is still killing me...does anyone know how long it will last for. I got the flu shot this year and my arm hurt for about 4-5 days. Will it be the same length in time? I cant even lift my arm, also i read online they said the more you move it it will get better. Thanks xo


  • tmauck4472
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    I've never gotten one, talk to your doctor.
  • littlelaura
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    I got one last Friday and my arm is fine now, so no more than 7 days. Its normal, rub it a bit if it hurts.
  • MinnieInMaine
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    1) For medical advice, instead of posting questions to random strangers on the internet who could tell you anything (true or harmfully false), call your doctor, the clinic where you got the shot or even a pharmacist for advice.

    2) it's against community guidelines to post the same topic twice. If you don't get response on a topic in the future, instead of creating a 2nd one, go in a post a reply of "bump" to bring it back up to current on the recent posts.
  • amethyst7986
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    Yes, move move move it! It's just like a sore muscle after working out, the more you move it the less pain will occur. I typically have one of my stronger male co-workers massage my arm to help it too.
  • ginakiki
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    thank u everyone...