Starting over

Charice Posts: 188 Member
So, I am not particularly new to MFP, but I haven't been on for a couple of years. I had a serious health problem that required 4 surgeries and took me out of the game for about 2.5 years, but it looks like I am finally getting healthy and ready to lose some weight! Unfortunately, I am starting from the heaviest I have ever been (aside from one pregnancy). But I have a new husband and a supportive family, so I think I can move past where I am. I just have to remind myself that it is the small steps that lead to gradual success. I could really use some supportive "friends" here to help!



  • lisatallred
    Hi, Charice! I, too, am starting over. I, too, am at the highest weight I have ever been. I lost 50 lbs a couple of years ago, and then put it all back on plus some. I've made up my mind that the weight is coming off for good, this time! I'm 47 years old. My mantra is "Fit by 50". My husband is very supportive, and is working my plan with me, though he doesn't have nearly as much to lose. Feel free to add me. :smile:
  • Chain_Ring
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    good luck!
  • jcubedatund
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    Welcome back to MFP. you can totally do this! Add me if you like!
  • tashat1976
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    I started over in February 2014 and I also joined a gym for the first time. I have lost some weight but I have a long way to go. You can add me if you would like. We all need support!
  • Jemoules
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    Hi Charice - (luuuurve your name) you support me and I'll support you. I look forward to our journey together!
  • majomi1579
    Hi Charice - I lost a ton of weight about 10 years ago and put it "all" back on plus some. I have just made up my mind that this is a YOU YEAR and I am making a difference. I have lost a few pounds but I have a long journey. We can take it together so please feel free to add me as a friend and good luck!
    P.S. What a great name!! :flowerforyou:
  • prattiger65
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    The longest journey begins with a single step. You have already done that! You made it through 4 surgeries and years of medical issues, you got this!!!!
  • RebelMiltonMom
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    I'm with ya!! Lost 40 lbs several years ago and gained back 60! I weigh the same now as I did during my largest pregnancy...ugggh:(

    I want to look better at 45 than I did at 40, so here I go again...working toward a lifestyle change not just weight loss!
  • Catnaper260
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    Hi Charice, welcome back to MFP. I too am starting over with MFP. I left for about a year and after digging out my spring and summer wardrobe yesterday and the it aint' gonna fit me pile was bigger than the it fits pile, I knew it was time to get back to being accountable. We can so do this!!! If you would like to be friends and suppport each other in our journey, just send me a friend request. : ) Have a great, healthy day!!