Just got the UP24 and I need some teammates!

I am super excited because I just got the UP24 for my birthday... problem is, I only know one other person who has it and that can make it kind of dull. Any fellow UP24 people who would like to become teammates for motivation and support? :)

A little about me:
My name is Jessica, I am a recent college graduate and am currently working 2 full time jobs. Despite working like crazy, my goal is to lose 30lbs and stay toned and fit for life. No excuses!


  • hurricaneemly
    hurricaneemly Posts: 23 Member
    Hi Jessica - just got the Up24 today. Love it so far, but could definitely use some teammates.... I can't seem to figure out how to add them!
  • cassie4animals
    cassie4animals Posts: 23 Member
    I just got an UP24 too and would like to get some teammates. New to MFP and UP24 - need all the motivation I can get!
  • aparmet
    aparmet Posts: 19 Member
    Another UP24 user here. I'd be happy to connect with you all here and on UP. Just search for me on UP by name: Andrew Parmet

    Always good to add more teammates for support and motivation!
  • clss1380
    clss1380 Posts: 2 Member
    I got the Up24 this weekend! I need some motivated teammates!

    Add me! Courtney Sims
  • itsalifestylebaby
    itsalifestylebaby Posts: 17 Member
    I've been using my UP24 since mid May and love it!
    So glad I just looked for this post. I invited Andrew and Courtney.

    You can search for me, my name is Joan Matts. (I'm the one with pink shirt in the mirror)
  • editorgrrl
    editorgrrl Posts: 7,063 Member
    You can find Jawbone teammates in the Jawbone UP Bracelet group: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/forums/show/13370-jawbone-up-bracelet
  • Hi I'm new to up24 and need team mates too. Gaby Calderon plz add me
  • orchunn
    orchunn Posts: 4
    Need motivation and team mates. You can freely add me. Name is Orcun Yesilyurt.