does anyone think this is a good routine?

So I am beginning to think I am plateauing and I've been trying to change up my weight routine. I am a little clueless on how to set up a good routine so I want something to give me that structure of what muscles to workout and when. I stumbled upon this when I was looking for a hiit routine generator online and it looks interesting.

What are ppl's thoughts on this 6 week routine.

My stats:
28 y/o female
150 pounds

I am trying to increase my general strength and lose about 20 pounds BF.


  • any thoughts?
  • Cherimoose
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    That program is more for advanced lifters, because they split the body parts into 3 days, and they also do a lot of isolation exercises (only 1 joint moving).. Newbies do better with a full-body workout done every 2-3 days, or an upper / lower split I would go with NROL or Stronglifts - both are very popular here.
  • You should fit in some cardio along with your program. If you go to a gym, Zumba is an excellent cardio class and fun! I do Zumba 3x per week and just started a kickboxing class. I also have weights at home but haven't started using them yet.
  • Is it a little advanced. I do zumba at my house for cardio, I run a few mornings a week as well. I will look into the NROL and stronglifts too. I haven't really heard about them before. Thanks!
  • rgrange
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    that routine is awful. the muscle grouping is all off and whoever wrote it should never touch exercise equipment again.
  • I agree with the others posters - this routine looks quite advanced. For an introduction to weights, and some more beginner-friendly routines I'd recommend the following blog:, especially this post:
    There are tons of great strength workouts here, I use them all the time:

    Good luck! :)
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    very over-complicated, however i like that they've included a lot of barbells and dumbbells. too many programs for women have you sticking to body-weight and machines.

    there really isn't much need for you to be doing things like shrugs, and tons of raises, and cable exercise. you want to keep things simple. as a beginner, you'll benefit from a full body circuit, 2-3 times a week.

    check this out:
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    This is the beginning program I use when i train newbie powerlifters. There's more variability than with stronglifts or starting strength so people don't stall as frequently which, eventually, will lead to more strength gains. If you want to get stronger then I would avoid the low, steady state cardio and do 20 minutes of HIIT 2-3 days a week. Some people like to do it on their training days after they lift and some people like to do it on their off days. Either is fine just get it done.

    Squat (heavy)
    Bench Press (volume)
    Barbell Row (volume)

    Deadlift (heavy)
    Overhead press (heavy)
    Chin Ups

    Squat (volume)
    Bench Press (heavy)
    Barbell Row (heavy)

    We would work through a 4 week training cycle. The first week they would work up to an 8rm on lifts labeled as "heavy", the second week a 5 rep max and the third week a 3 rep max. The fourth week they would deload and do 5x5 with 50% of their calculated 1rm. When a lift is labeled "volume" they would do 5x5-10 and try to slowly increase the weights; usually by only 5lbs each training session or, you can start at a weight where you only get 5 reps and try to increase the reps to ten before increasing the weight (by a more significant amount; approx 10% of your 1rm) and going back to 5's. My 11 year old stepson trained with this template for 3 months and broke the state record deadlift and squat in his first powerlifting competition. It works, but it does take some knowledge of lifting to implement.
  • I've have some experience in the past year with lifting but it was all pretty basic dumb bells. Iso curls, tricep dips, weighted lunges, weighted squats and the like. So I just a routine that I can stick to. Thanks for all the tips and I will be seeing what works for me in the coming weeks. :D