What do you get from starbucks?
What are some good drinks that are low in sugar and under about 400 calories


  • zoeysasha37
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    I personally dislike everything from there, I think the coffee is too bitter. But anyway, google it and you should be able to find the calorie counts for their items. You can also search the databank here and see what you can find.
  • hllday
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    Mocha frappochino light has less than 100, I believe!
    Skinny chai tea latte is great too <3
  • doodlecakes_07
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    -grande soy cappuccino: my go-to drink, sometimes I'll have a few a week
    *they make soy drinks with vanilla soy milk, it gives it a sweet/vanilla flavor, which I really like. I have a sweet tooth, so some days I ask for SF vanilla syrup
    -light frappuccinos
    -order your drink "skinny" (made with nonfat milk and SF syrup)
    -hot tea
    -shaken teas (can ask to use splenda)
  • LosingItForGood13
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    lemonade green tea
  • melaniecheeks
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    Define good drink!

    I go for the smallest size, skinny, no added syrup or cream.
  • Gholmar
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    Venti Skinny Vanilla Latte (skim milk, sugarfree syrup): 160 cal, 15g protein
  • robinkelly25
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    Yumm :) I get the Venti Iced Vanilla Coffee with skim milk and sugar free vanilla :)
  • spirit095
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    I pretty much only drink their teas now. Their website has a list of drinks that are under 200 calories if you want ideas.
  • tycho_mx
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    What do you get from starbucks?
    What are some good drinks that are low in sugar and under about 400 calories

    Americano. No sugar, no milk. About 0 calories.

    (I like coffee, not coffee-flavoured smoothie drinks. So your mileage may vary).
  • hamo1987
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    Either a plain trenta black tea no syrup with two splenda very low cal under fifty... or an iced grande carmel macciato its 170 cals... just dont get the stupid shake style crap or order skinny versions... its all about fitting it in and making sure u dont drink large amounts of calories when u say under 400 calls that seems like a lot for a drink, if u have that many extra cals to use up then I say go after it lol
  • AmykinsCatfood
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    Iced coffee with sugar free syrup! Depending on if you get it made with milk or cream, and the size you get, it's 70-200 calories.
  • cowbellsandcoffee
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    Large caramel iced coffee...

    From Mickey D's.

    Sooooo much better.
  • nicmatts
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    Americano with sugar-free vanilla syrup. It has something like 10 calories for a grande.
  • Mishy
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    Trenta Unsweetened iced coffee is my drink of choice.
  • missomgitsica
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    I like their black iced tea. Also the cool lime refresher. I don't actually get coffee at Starbucks, it's a little too bitter for me.
  • TravelDog14
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    Friends don't let friends drink Starbucks.
  • SwedishSarah
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    Be careful when you go to Starbucks, those drinks can be high in calories, sugar, ect, but luckily they have menus that show the amount of calories in all the food and drinks. You can also go online to Starbucks and plug in exactly what your going to get so that you know exactly how much of everything is in your personalized drink.
    Personally, I like the Chocolate Banana smoothie as a meal because it's 300 calories. It's not a health smoothie, but it tastes good for every once in a while. If I go there with a friend and don't want something high in calories I will get a hot tea with nothing in it (which is 0 calories) or a refresher (which the smallest size is about 45-75 calories).
  • dawnmcneil10
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    Skinny caramel macchiato, hot or iced
    Java chip light frappuccino
    Skinny peppermint mocha, hot or iced
    Skinny lattes

    The seasonal flavors like gingerbread, pumpkin and eggnog I consider treats and enjoy them sparingly. This is how I treat my Starbucks trips in general, they're for the rough days when I need the emotional boost. Watch your sizes though because wham the numbers add up quick.

    Most of the time I make my coffee drinks here at home and enjoy them for the protein and dairy and save on my wallet.
  • TheVevina
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    I'm a teeny tiny bit minimalistic. I always get americano, iced. Grande is 10 calories
    If I want a treat, it'll be a 130 calorie iced tea lemonade