One Small Victory for this short girl!

I know that is by no means a large victory, but for me it is. The first 3-4lbs are always easy to lose, but I've always struggled getting past the 5lb mark. And today is the day... I've lost 6.6lbs! And I can't believe it. Not a huge scale victory, I'm not a smaller close size (probably because my clothes were already tight) but I'm down 6.6lbs and it so exciting and motivating. I'm 5'2" so for me every 6.6lbs is another small roll gone. I can't wait to see 10, then 15, then 20, & 30 gone! I'm doing my happy dance!


  • ThinLizzie0802
    ThinLizzie0802 Posts: 863 Member
    Great job and congrats!
  • calitrey3
    calitrey3 Posts: 3 Member
    I'm 5'2" also, so I hear ya!!! Congrats on the victory!!
  • kb2699
    kb2699 Posts: 80 Member
    It's a great feeling isn't it. I had never lost more than 5lbs before joining MFP (although to be fair I had never really put any effort in!) so to see the changes is really exciting. Well done and keep it up!! :drinker:
  • MissySpring
    MissySpring Posts: 442 Member
    Congratulations! Getting past that initial water weight is a huge success!
  • kelseytmurray1
    kelseytmurray1 Posts: 15 Member
    Thanks everyone! Yeah it really helps keep me going and seeing that I can and WILL do this!
  • sfbaumgarten
    sfbaumgarten Posts: 912 Member
    Congrats :drinker: Keep it up!
  • steffihoney
    steffihoney Posts: 392
    YAY! Way to go!!
  • quellybelly
    quellybelly Posts: 827 Member
    Yay congrats girl! Keep up the good work :D
  • ninav1980
    ninav1980 Posts: 514 Member
    congrats! I feel you! 5'1 myself, and it does take a while for the weight to come off. At this point I am happy losing at .5 lbs a week. Its more of a realistic goal for me so I wont be discouraged. I only want to lose another 10 lbs, so I would rather lose and keep of slowly rather than a quick fix

    keep it up!
  • rides4sanity
    rides4sanity Posts: 1,269 Member
    Great job! Small losses (or gains) are crazy noticable on we short gals! As long as we're moving in the right direction that is an awesome thing!
  • Skinny_minny_mo
    Skinny_minny_mo Posts: 1,272 Member
    way to go!

    as a shorty myself, I understand the struggle
  • ryker789
    ryker789 Posts: 255 Member
    Way to go!! Keep up the great attitude.
  • Alamo0809
    Alamo0809 Posts: 95 Member
    Happy for you!! I am another short woman and I so understand what you are saying. 5 lbs on us is like 10 on anyone else, I think! It seems like I have a loss... then stop... then start losing again. Guess it is a life time commitment. Happy for you and keep up the good work.
  • kmkgurl
    kmkgurl Posts: 321 Member
    whoo hoo.! AWESOME JOB!
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