hip hop abs

Good Morning, Does anyone know how to track calories burned using hip hop abs or any of Shawn T's videos


  • Crumpet_Girl
    Crumpet_Girl Posts: 276 Member
    Best way is to get a HRM and then you have an fairly accurate number.:smile:
  • Steph_Mayberry
    Steph_Mayberry Posts: 6 Member
    Someone posted this in anopther forum. This website gives you approx. So its roughly 300 calories for 30 mins.

  • faith_76
    faith_76 Posts: 197 Member
    Click the add exercise under the cardio category when logging it. Then put in hip hop abs fat burning cardio (or whichever DVD you did), time would be 30 min, calories burned, you would need a hrm to find out. I burn just over 200.