Strong Curves?

Has anyone followed the Strong Curves program? I'm looking for a way to begin strength training, and it looks interesting. What kind of results have you had with it?

Here's the program:


  • rlw911
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    I bought the book last week, but I'm not following the program yet. I did find a group on here that has a lot of information and ladies that are following it. Here's the link, if you'd like to check it out:
  • JoRocka
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    It's a fine program.

    Often recommend along side of Starting Strength, Strong Lifts and New rules of Lifting.

    If you like it- do it. :)
  • jstout365
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    I've been doing Strong Lifts for over a year and will be switching to Strong Curves next week. I find that I have low glute activation and want to improve that. I started throwing hip thrusts into my SL mix and saw improvements in my glutes quickly.
  • auddii
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    I just bought the book, but haven't started reading yet. I've been doing strong lifts for over a year, and I'm looking for a change.
  • dandelion39
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    I'm doing StrongCurves now and like it a lot. BUT, I started with New Rules and then did StrongLifts 5x5 for a while. If you're new to lifting, I think you'd be better off starting with New Rules. It gives you a really good, well-rounded program to follow. Then, you could move on to a more specialized program like StrongCurves. If you have specific questions about any of the programs, I'm happy to answer them--just message me.
  • Titanuim
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    I am doing the Strong Curves program and am big fan. It is uncomplicated and appears to be delivering great results, though I am pretty early in. It really helps focus on form and there is a good balance of arms and legs in every workout. Current profile pic is me 4 weeks into the Advanced Lifter workout program. Hip thrusts are a great lift and it is relatively easy to transition to heavier and heavier amount.

    Brett's blog/website is also pretty informative and has some great articles along with inspirational pic's.
  • Will_Thrust_For_Candy
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    I am in my 3rd cycle of Strong Curves and I am incredibly happy with the programming. I truthfully can't see a reason why I would stop using his programming/templates. I have seen unreal changes in my body since I started that program (September 2013) plus running.

    I started out doing Stronglifts and it is a great program however I do think that the beginner program in Strong Curves is also appropriate for someone new to lifting. The book does a really great job of covering all bases.

    Good luck and have fun!
  • KatyAverill
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    Thank you all for the feedback! It sounds like it's a pretty good program, so I think that I'll give it a try! Thank again!! :smile: