Questions to LADIES ONLY please

Hi ladies!

I was wondering how many of you exercise at that time of the month, I find myself skipping more days than I would like (not because of cramps though), what about you? Any tips?


  • ks4e
    ks4e Posts: 374 Member
    Exercise actually lessens cramps for me. I suck it up and just do it, although I may not be at my best performance wise.
  • Yup! I exercise on those days of the month haha.
  • I guess, I am a little afraid guys may come across this thread but oh well...I have never had much of a cramp problem and exercising helps but a very heavy flow.
  • ChancyW
    ChancyW Posts: 439 Member
    Exercise actually lessens cramps for me. I suck it up and just do it, although I may not be at my best performance wise.

    This is true for me as well. I'm not a big fan of unscheduled rest days. :smile:
  • Booksandbeaches
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    I usually don't exercise the second day when it's the worst flow and I feel "blah". But the rest of the time I do my usual workout.
  • Escape_Artist
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    TOM or not or not, i go to the gym.

    When i get cramps a good lifting session helps a whole lot actually!

    I just tend to sleep more
  • bajoyba
    bajoyba Posts: 1,155 Member
    Exercise actually lessens cramps for me. I suck it up and just do it, although I may not be at my best performance wise.


    If I were really feeling like I couldn't make it through my usual workout, I'd still make sure to get in some sort of activity, like yoga or a long walk.
  • Laughter_Girl
    Laughter_Girl Posts: 2,240 Member
    I stick to my normal workout schedule.
  • amybg1
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    Don't see a reason not to exercise at all during that time - I have never cramped but have read somewhere that exercise reduces and even stops cramps for some during their workout. Also I find helps with water retention, along with adequate hydration obviously
  • Sinisterly
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    I exercise harder during that time.
  • b_e_l_l_a_a_a_a_a_a
    b_e_l_l_a_a_a_a_a_a Posts: 51 Member
    I do the same old exercises, it makes me feel better even. TMI but regularly exercising shortens my periods too and that's great for me.
  • snazzyjazzy21
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    It depends if I'm able to stand upright. If I can, I'll workout, if I can't I'll take a rest day.
  • LisaB123456
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    I used to say to myself nope cant do it today, cramps are too bad. I have now realised that if i just suck it up and go for a nice long walk the cramps are actually nowhere near as bad after a walk as they were before.

    I think exercise honestly does help period pains.
  • Anonycatgirl
    Anonycatgirl Posts: 502 Member
    If my flow's miserably heavy, I may skip that day, or do a DVD at home so I can hit pause and run to the bathroom when I need to. But if I can make myself move, even a little (sometimes I honestly can't, between cramping and heavy flow), it relieves my irritability so it's a public service to try.
  • mlssdl
    mlssdl Posts: 7 Member
    I usually want to exercise more right before because I start to gain water weight and I freak out.

    Otherwise, I don't notice if it makes cramping worse or better. Seems the same to me. Seeing my bloated figure gets me motivated and pushes me harder.
  • aprilricks86
    aprilricks86 Posts: 67 Member
    If I am feeling really fatigued I will usually not do weight and maybe just some walking. Sometimes I can just tell I don't have the energy for anything more. If I'm having cramps though, I usually do sit ups to help. I've been doing that since I was a teenager and it always helps for me, even though I might feel like crap when I first start doing them!
  • NoLimitFemme
    NoLimitFemme Posts: 118 Member
    Day 2 and 3 are terrible for me but I suck it up and go (unless I luck up and it's my normal rest days). One of my favorite motivational quote is, "No one regrets a workout!"
  • AnabolicKyle
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  • Thank you ladies :). I actually have started working out on it, but I guess I have to alter the exercises that work for that day as my day 2 is super super bad.
  • trivard676
    trivard676 Posts: 90 Member
    I've always tended to have a lot of energy on day 1. I'll work out hard that day, and then lighter workouts the following two or three.