What's your beginning?

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So, I've seen a lot of success story pictures..you all know, the before and after. I look at all of those and get so motivated. Recently I stripped down to a sports bra and swim shorts and took 3 pictures. The front view, side view and back. I didn't know if I was ready or not to look at them, but I held my breath and looked anyway. I was flabbergasted at what I saw. "This was me? This is what I look like?!" I said. I was so disappointed at myself for letting it get that bad, I was so angry with myself..I said, "NO MORE!! No more of me feeling sorry for myself, no more wishing I was thinner, just..no more"

At last I'm here, doing something about it. getting to know you fine people, going on this journey with all of you. This is the beginning..the beginning of the rest of our lives. We take control now.

So I ask of you, those of you that are just starting out or even some that are still on the the journey, Show us the beginning of the rest of your life..say goodbye to that person.

This is my beginning:





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    I re began my workouts after the birth of my bby and that workout started in jan I was 198 and am now 178 I just recently started on this app but before was using a different app. Anyways it takes a lot to do what you did and takes a lot to realize what we need to change within ourselves to better ourselves keep at the great work and stay dedicated because trust me it will all be worth it!!!
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    I never took before pictures like in my underwear, my before was 230lbs and size 18/20 jeans, with XL/XXL tops. Now I'm 150lbs and size 6/8 jeans with S/M tops my GW is 130 so almost there. P.S. its taken me 2 1/2 years so just keep at it and you'll meet you goals!! I have faith in you girl
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    I've got to look for some full body pictures but this is a comparison of me before starting my diet to me now; 70.6lbs lighter.

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    I began here after remembering what my friend told me about MFP. I had been losing a fair amount in the 1 1/2 months before MFP. Then, it suddenly stopped for about three weeks. I figured it must've been my increased appetite and my body trying to go back to equilibrium. I didn't have a good idea of what portion control was. So I thought, "maybe giving this site a try will help me lose again."

    I'm happy to say that since joining MFP, I've lost the 4-5 pounds that I was promised since starting the program here. It's help me learn to think about food in a healthier way. I think it was also helpful because I tend to be a rather obsessive and detailed personality, so doing something concrete like treating calories like accounting was very helpful for me. C:
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    So, I guess I'll be the only one posting pictures of my fat self then..lol
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    I wasn't brave enough to take before pictures like you did, Kim. Plus, the beginning of my journey was sorta accidental.

    Here I am at 200 lbs with my husband: 22014660_6760.jpg

    And here I am on Friday of this week: 22014660_6028.jpg
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    My beginning was like more than 4 years ago, when i had crazy 12 hours job and late after job meals at night and everything in few moths went really wrong like plus 15 kilos(33 lbs). so from 84kilos (185lbs) like in 2.5 months i went to 100kilos(220lbs) and for that time in my mind i didnt thought i gain weight, i was just ok. But when i step on scale and see that 100 that just killed me. I realize that its worst number in my life and i would do everything that it never ever happen again. Than it was just me, no MFP just me on my own, i didnt really had support but i did it in aprox 1 year i lost 20 kilos (44lbs)

    so this was me with my 100 (220lbs)

    and this is me pretty much now

    And now i found about MFP and i`m again on weight loss track. I`m not happy with 84kilos (185lbs) so i keep going.
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    So, I guess I'll be the only one posting pictures of my fat self then..lol
    I am not brave enough to post pictures (I do have some) and also, as a school teacher it would be very unwise to post pictures of me in a vulnerable state on a public forum. Well done those of you who have been brave enough!
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    So, I guess I'll be the only one posting pictures of my fat self then..lol
    Hey being the leader rocks!!
    Do your thang and succeed girl!! Ill be waiting for your after thread!!:flowerforyou:
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    I am off to work now. But I DO have befores with no progress yet. I'll try to post after work today.

    Good luck to you. So far you are off to a great start!!!
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    So, I guess I'll be the only one posting pictures of my fat self then..lol

    I salute your courage - it's more than I will ever have. However, you have motivated me just now to at least TAKE some pictures (something I haven't done yet) to use for myself (rather than post them)....I hope that is good enough for now.

    Good luck in your journey.
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    So, I guess I'll be the only one posting pictures of my fat self then..lol

    My beginning has started over again and again the last few months... I am ready to take my motivation pics as the fact that my clothes don't fit anymore guess isn't enough... Stay tuned!

    Thank you for being the leader~:flowerforyou:
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    I started at 262 lbs. I was a size 20 and wore 2XL everything. I was 2 lbs heavier then my heaviest pregnancy weight. I felt disgusted that I allowed myself to get so big. That was a little over 11 months ago. Right now I am down about 70 lbs and still working. I am wearing a 10 jeans and medium workout pants and L tops. I am still 40 lbs from my goal but get closer with every good choice. You can do this just be consistent and develop a plan. Create a strong support system. If you do not have one then create one online. I have an open group on MFP called TDNation Support if you want to join. You can also send me a friend request. I have pictures in my profile but do not know hoe to post on a thread.
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    Ut - oh I don't know how to post picts either.....I tried to put them on my profile, but it's telling me the image is too large.

    (HA! thanks a lot!! haha)
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    You just reminded me that I need to take some before pics. I won't be posting them though lol.
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    wow, that's very brave, kudos, I'm not much for pictures and probably fewer than 12 of me exist from last 10 years, the first picture I ever loaded onto the internet anywhere was the profile pic here, figured new attitude and new me, thanks for sharing your b4 pics, made me man up and take a couple b4 pics ( I won't be sharing them lol, tho the 1st one with me sucking in my gut was funny) but you inspired me to at least take them, so thank you for that
    started at 254 heading for 215 as my first goal, then hopefully sub 200
    44 waist and would like to get to 38
    wow, something in my eye :(
    thanks again and good luck on your path

    -now to get my 3 pics OFF my phone and hidden in a folder somewhere in my pc :)