I'm not there yet, but I'm on my way.

Teasaidh Posts: 25 Member
Hi everyone. This is my first "picture post," and I am doing it mostly to encourage myself. My clothes keep getting bigger, but it was hard to visualize how much I had lost until I did a side by side. Apologies for the not so great photos. They were the best I could get. The photo on the left was taken last Halloween (and to any BBT fans on MFP, yes, I went as Amy and that is my tiara). I started changing my lifestyle and more importantly my mindset in the end of December, and so far, everything has gone well. I won't say it was easy because it definitely wasn't, but I have found that as long as I wake up everyday remembering why I am getting healthy and focus my mental energy on creating new healthy habits and eliminating bad ones, then the "fall off the wagon" days are few and far between - even after a stressful day at work!




  • annekka
    annekka Posts: 517 Member
    congrats, keep up the good work!
  • newlisa2014
    newlisa2014 Posts: 25
    Amazing results so far!!!! Keep up the good work!!

    Im doing the same as you, waking up every morning and reminding myself of the various reasons why I have changed my eating and dieting habits.....................that so far has motivated me to keep going and although Ive only been at it a couple of weeks, I already feel differently both mentally and physically!

  • DuckDynastyMakesMeLaugh
    DuckDynastyMakesMeLaugh Posts: 363 Member
    Fantastic! Keep up the good work!
  • tk2222
    tk2222 Posts: 199 Member
    Congrats! You look fantastic (...fond as I am of your excellently adorable Amy costume <3)
  • jenabugg
    jenabugg Posts: 51 Member
    You can really tell the difference. I bet getting up each day as a smaller you is thrilling. It looks like we started at a similar weight at time, so it is particularly encouraging for me to see your success. Thank you for sharing.
  • Rosepower
    Rosepower Posts: 44 Member
    You re amazing, you can really see the difference! Keep it up!
  • MissySpring
    MissySpring Posts: 442 Member
    Congratulations! What a difference! Progress pics are a great motivator. Thanks for sharing!
  • PlumeriaToo
    PlumeriaToo Posts: 188 Member
    Congrats! You're doing great. Gives me hope!:drinker:
  • rondaj05
    rondaj05 Posts: 497 Member
    Amazing progress! Well done YOU!! :flowerforyou:
  • StacyRenee77
    StacyRenee77 Posts: 2,732 Member
    Looking awesome, keep up the good work!!
  • BobbieLee1959
    BobbieLee1959 Posts: 605 Member
    Doing great ! Hang in there and you will one day wake up strong and firm and even more beautiful than you already are!!
  • chasingdreams18
    chasingdreams18 Posts: 110 Member
    Great progress! Keep up the great work! :flowerforyou:
  • gshields89
    gshields89 Posts: 30 Member
    You are doing fantastic! Keep it up
  • Ronij59
    Ronij59 Posts: 191 Member
    you're doing an awesome job. keep it up.
  • Teasaidh
    Teasaidh Posts: 25 Member
    Thanks to everyone for the encouragement! I am only 10 lb from being halfway to my goal. This is the smallest I have been in 5 years, and I am loving how much easier it is to be active. Started running again, yoga is easier, started lifting again. It was time for a life change, and I am determined to make that change and keep making it every day.

    I found this quote a couple of days ago, and it has become my new inspiration:

    "Making a big life change is pretty scary.

    But, you know what's even scarier?

  • startergal53
    startergal53 Posts: 120 Member
    Just what I needed to hear- a bit of scare is necessary. Regrets not so much. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing!
  • elisa123gal
    elisa123gal Posts: 4,281 Member
    You are much smaller! nice work.
  • elghee123
    elghee123 Posts: 489 Member
    soon, you'll never believe that you made it through the end of this journey. Job well done.!
  • chani8
    chani8 Posts: 946 Member
    Fantastic!! You're doing a great job!! You look radiant!!
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