Before pics

I was browsing the posts about an hour ago and saw a post filled with some awesome before and after pics. Wow, how do i get some of those, I asked myself. Well....they all started with the "before" pics to document their the beginning of their journey, thats how.

I took a few pics just now and boy oh boy I am NOT liking them, not one bit, no.....heavy heavy sigh


  • brdnw
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    take pictures all the time, i did it every 5-10lbs lost, and if i was ever low on energy or in a rut, i would just look at the progress i've made and it's so encouraging and really gives you a boost, i've been doing it still for the past 3 years.
  • nicolemontagna22
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    After losing 11 I took a second set of pic and compared to starting. I didn't see as much as a difference as I see in mirror. Waiting to lose another 10 more before new pics!
  • zeal26
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    I found my starting pictures upsetting but oh man, I'm SO glad I took them. I now take pictures every so often, (sometimes my face, sometimes from the side, the front, the back etc) and seeing the difference is what keeps me going.
  • kespinoza2013
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    I don't take specific before pictures....I use pictures of the heavier me as before pics...and now I use my progress pics as comparison when I dropped a pants size I posted a picture on Facebook...then when I dropped below 200 and another pants dies I took a new pic and compared it to the previous one! It keeps me motivated on my journey and I'm not very much into taking one pic as a bedgord pic so choose a point you feel comfortable at and just make it about progress :)
  • metalkim85
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    I just started a New Topic in 'getting started'. It's under "What's your beginning?" I posted my beginning pictures and welcomed anyone would like to do the same.
  • whitebalance
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    I was very camera-shy for years... Now I kinda wish I had a decent set of "before" pics... I think it's great to be able to look back and see where you came from.
  • ChristineRoze
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    i have before photos, but i wont dare put them up until i have some awesome after photos to compare haha
  • supplemama
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    You can ask other people if they have pics of you. I was over my in-laws the other day and flipping through my mother-in-law's photo albums...she had A LOT of pics of me from when I was obese that she took on the sly...This would have made me mad just a few years ago but now I'm glad she took them, as I didn't have a lot of fat pics of myself since I hid from the camera then. They will be used for more before-and-afters! :laugh:
  • Beautiful_Pain
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    It all started with a pic my husband took of me, I was not seeing what that pic showed!!!
    Wake up call! Dont give up and just keep going, dont go by the scale go by clothes, and pictures!! So start taking them, you will be glad you did, it will help many others when they come to the same realization!
  • newlisa2014
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    Hi all

    I took my "before" pictures last night - strange as I looked in the mirror and thought "ok, Ill accept that's what I look like but then I took the pictures, looked at them and thought "OMG doe others really see that!?!"

    Im not brave enough to put them up yet, maybe in a couple of months when I have shed the first stone - so I have something to compare!
  • ElidaBravo
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    Hey Peeps!

    Oh gosh, i refuse to post them, no way. I look at them on my phone, and i just feel a rush of sadness for myself. Not anger or shame, but sadness. I KNOW what that weight gain was all about....and i seriously cannot feel angry at myself. I did the best i could with what i had to work with. I was working with loads of "baggage" from my past....and present situations.

    For me, the mental health or coping with life could easily take me off course. I want to strengthen that, my determination or discipline or whatever you call it. DO you know what i mean? When a person can still "do" healthy living, even when dealing with bull**** life stuff (sometimes i swear, it feels better) I have always, always stopped being good to myself during a crisis.....its like my body just goes into survival mode. I have been in survival mode for the last 3 years?!!!

    THis reply seems way off topic....sorry. I have my pics on my phone, i look at them and I feel like its another woman, and i want to hug her and tell her it will get better. SO, i guess the pics were indeed necessary.

    I will be taking more pics though, like one of the wonderful people said above. I will measure myself today also, oh joy!

    aka eatalotelida (childhoold nickname i gave myself when i was 10yrs old)
  • I think photos are a great reminder of where you were and how far you have come! Something I don't do much of but really need to document so I know where I don't want to be ever again.
  • Yes I took mine today as well