The STIFFEST of Legs

I've been out of the exercise game for months (and I'm already reeeally out of shape lol) but on Saturday I decided to get back into a routine. I had lots of fun working out again, but now I am sooooooo sore. My thighs are tight and in gross amounts of pain. Moving around isn't too bad, but once I sit down I cannot get back up again omfg (and I work a desk job so sitting is a little inevitable).

Anybody got any tips? Stretches? Anything?


  • RoboLikes
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    Make sure you are properly warming up and cooling down. To warm up, I like mild stretching and jumping jacks and to cool down i stretch for a looooong time. You have to allow yourself enough time to stretch, not just a quick minute.

    And also, if this was your first time getting back into it, you will be sore; a lot more sore than you will be in a few weeks.
  • fleetzz
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    Gentle stretching, massage, and don't give up. The exercise soreness is temporary due to increase in activity and will resolve. Give it a week or so, it may not be 100% better but you should be much improved. Keep moving too.
  • cokekitty
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    Thanks, friends. :) I'm not going to do a proper workout tonight but I might do some light yoga and walk around. A hot bath might be necessary, too!
  • Curtruns
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    it is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or DOMS. It is basically your body clearing out the weaker muscle cells and replacing them with stronger ones that are better able to withstand the stress placed on them. You can look this up online or at As your body adapts, you will be sore for shorter periods of time.
  • faith_76
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    I feel your pain, my abs were so sore last week I had to roll out of bed! It will get better!