One year and goal- 216 to 150

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I can't believe its time for me to write one of these. I've been reading them and been encouraged for a year now and now its my turn. I would still like to loose a couple more 'vanity pounds,' but I'm below my starting goal and well within healthy bmi range which was my goal.

This was me at the beginning. (I'm the one on the right). I was at a baby shower for 2 friends and when I looked at the picture my first thought was that it wasn't obvious who the non-pregnant friend was. That was basically the last straw.


I weighed, realized I was 216 (at almost 5 foot 8). I joined MFP and started making slow a little less, move a little more. I have been gluten and dairy free for several years now, but was relying A LOT on processed carbs. Cutting back on those has been a huge help. I even got off of diet cokes about 3 months ago, which I NEVER thought would happen.

About a month later I was down 5 or 6 pounds and was feeling better about myself. On this hike with my mom I thought I looked good.


At the 50 pounds lost mark, I went cycling with some friends and rode 50 kilometers.

This is my AFTER... 150 pounds and healthy


The greatest success though....even more than the scale has been my excitement about fitness. I'm actually enjoying the exercise side of things.

I've been kayaking...and can't wait to get out there again.

And, last Saturday I ran my first race. It was a 4k and my time was 26:39 which put me in the top half of women in my age range.

Thanks to all of the other success stories that motivated me!!


  • cushygal
    cushygal Posts: 586 Member
    great job!!!
  • LiveLoveLift67
    LiveLoveLift67 Posts: 895 Member
    What a fantastic job! Congrats on your weight loss! Its always so worth it!
  • marciebrian
    marciebrian Posts: 853 Member
    Congratulations and you not only look amazing you are so fit! I always liked exercise but now I actually look forward to it at the end of the day and I'm heading very close to 60 YO. Congrats again and happy you are taking such an active role in your health :flowerforyou:
  • navygrrl
    navygrrl Posts: 517 Member
    Fantastic! You look great! I love reading these posts because they give me inspiration that I'll be making my own success post next year. :drinker:
  • lonnieh2
    lonnieh2 Posts: 28 Member
    Good job! You look happy and healthy enjoying your new active lifestyle!
  • reddz12
    reddz12 Posts: 350 Member
    You're awesome! How motivational!!
  • KeysGirl23
    KeysGirl23 Posts: 117 Member
    Congratulations, you look marvelous & extremely happy. :flowerforyou:
  • craignev
    craignev Posts: 1,247 Member
    Fantastic success....well done!
  • rosehips60
    rosehips60 Posts: 1,030 Member
    great job, I love a good success story!
  • Sharon5913
    Sharon5913 Posts: 134 Member
    You look AMAZING!!! Congrats to you!! :drinker:
  • TraceyLee1102
    TraceyLee1102 Posts: 78 Member
    Congratulations on your success!! You look amazing
  • perseverance14
    perseverance14 Posts: 1,364 Member
    You look great, good job!
  • HanamiDango
    HanamiDango Posts: 456 Member
    Awesomesauce! :flowerforyou:
  • StacyRenee77
    StacyRenee77 Posts: 2,732 Member
  • JustSomeEm
    JustSomeEm Posts: 20,227 MFP Moderator
    You look fantastic. AWESOME work!
  • j1wright
    j1wright Posts: 286 Member
    What an accomplishment. You look great!
  • swisseler
    swisseler Posts: 119 Member
    Congratulations! Great to see how much fitness has enriched your life.
  • loosinit42806
    loosinit42806 Posts: 142 Member
    WOW~ nice WOrk! imhappy u found what works for you~
  • Zx14chick
    Zx14chick Posts: 255 Member
    Thank you for the inspiration and congratulations on your results!
  • DAM5412
    DAM5412 Posts: 660 Member
    awesomely motivating! thank you for sharing your story.
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