Need friends, really struggling!

PartyKardy Posts: 173 Member
Hello! I have about 30lbs to lose and I have been finding it kind of difficult to get these last 30 off. I really need support and friends to motivate me on here!


  • kellyj0729
    kellyj0729 Posts: 44 Member
    Welcome! And feel free to add me as a friend- I am close to goal weight but I will be sticking around here a long time!
  • gooserocks85
    gooserocks85 Posts: 48 Member
    i added you! anyone else in the thread can add me too. friends are nice to have!
  • tcheney91
    tcheney91 Posts: 6
    Please feel free to add me also! It's always nice to have some motivation and get some in return!
  • amberrenee813
    amberrenee813 Posts: 395 Member
    Anyone is welcome to add me, as long as you like or comment often since I do the same. I log in daily. I have about 65 lbs left to lose and am 5'4".
  • Fatmarcomo
    Fatmarcomo Posts: 1 Member
    I lost and gained back. I'm trying this again. Keep recording your food .....that's where I slipped up.
  • jkal1979
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    Friend request sent!
  • lulubeanzy
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    You can add me, too! I try to like and comment whenever I can, but I can't make any promises about doing it daily. I do really appreciate the feedback and support everyone has given so far. I don't have much to lose, but I struggle with binge eating and getting motivated to exercise and having the MFP community to keep me accountable seems to help. Any and all new friends are welcome to add me!
  • Mimi_Roar
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    Hi I am new here to and in the same boat you are feel free to add me anyone can can use all the support and encuragment
  • codycsweet
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    FR sent
  • jobro017
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    Hey! I just started too :) let's do this together right? Woo :)
  • Nerdybookworm1990
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    Hello everyone! Feel free to add me if you'd like. I come on daily and have an open diary. Best of luck on your journeys!
  • baileyang33
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    Hi! I'm here a lot! I'm 16 pounds from goal & a trip planned in July. Motivated!!!! :)
  • focused4health
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    I have 91% of my projected goal to go so feel free to add me if you like.:bigsmile:
  • dcshellz
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    I have jusr started using this, I signed up almost a year ago, mainly to support another friend, and did not use it myself. I am now using it to watch sodium, and sugar intake. I too am wanting to lose weight also, but have not set a "GOAL" per se . Watch it and it will fall off is my mind set. meaning being cognizant, will help me see what I need/ or do not need and will lead to the weight loss.
  • gtdattitude
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    You can add me too! I log on everyday and try to motivate and encourage. I have about 40 pounds left to lose.... maybe more. I think its easier to keep going with my mfp friends support.
  • Truella
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    I've been here awhile but have very few friends because I didn't realize this whole community existed. I could use advice and general support. My fiance bet me January 2nd that if I lost 50lbs and maintained it off for a month he would give me $1,000 for new clothes. I've recently hit the half way point but still struggle with diet mostly.

    I've actually lost around 60lbs. But only 25 since the bet started. Add me - I'll encourage you if you encourage me!
  • feel free to add me try the 5.2 lifestyle its brilliant use in conjunction with MFP
  • buzzardsrule
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    Feel free to add me too. I log in daily
  • blromig
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    Feel free to add me! You have found a great place for motivation and support :-) Welcome
  • Clurieanne
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    Feel free to add me! Let's get this weight off!