Weigh ins

How often do you weigh yourself? Daily, weekly, or monthly?


  • BrittDoesIt
    BrittDoesIt Posts: 54 Member
    Now I am weighing in weekly on the same day in the morning every week. I used to weigh every single day but it became obsessive so I am really working on the once a week thing
  • armaylene
    armaylene Posts: 2
    Every morning before I eat or drink anything
  • lilhope72
    lilhope72 Posts: 24 Member
    I only weigh in once a month. I was determined that this time I wasn't going to focus on the scales, but on eating healthy and exercise and just let the weight loss be a side note. I would always get so discouraged when I didn't lose what I thought I should and then I'd give up.
  • dblaacker
    dblaacker Posts: 153 Member
    Every Tuesday morning after I pee and before I eat or drink anything. I like to take my measurements, too. One day, I'll make graphs with the data. :) I already think I'll be able to detect a pattern in my weight fluctuations, but that hypothesis has yet to be supported.
  • blesseddiva77
    blesseddiva77 Posts: 32 Member
    once a weeki
  • Ok, thanks! I was doing it every day for the past few days but I think once a week will be good. Im just a very visual person so even doing it once a week will be tough lol