New Shoes Tingle

Hi, first time forum poster here... I just went in to the local running shoe store and had them help me pick out cross trainers for my kickboxing/running/kettlebell routines and I ended up with a nice pair of new Brooks. They feel good walking around the house and in TRX/Kettlebell class, but in both my kickboxing sessions they made my feet tingle and numb. Felt like I was slipping maybe? Had a harder time finding balance. Could this be due to shoe fit or is it just part of breaking in a new shoe? They were pretty pricey so I'd like to figure out if I need to exchange them or if I should ride it out. TIA!


  • NCchar130
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    I have a new pair that are doing the same thing. They were laced too tight over my mid-foot. I loosened them and the tingle/numbness has stopped. Maybe try that?
  • MarineCodie
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    You could definitely be lacing them too tight. I have the stretchy laces that you never have to tie in all of my shoes. I used to get a pain on the top of my foot while running because of this very reason.

    Also, Brooks is pretty much the top level of cushioning you can get in a shoe. If you want a lot of cushioning then great… but, I can't stand it. I got some Brooks last year for walking around in and they actually made my feet ache because I'm used to a more minimal style shoe.

    If it was a good running/shoe store they probably have a pretty generous return policy. I can run in my shoes for 90 days and they'll take 'em back if I don't like them.

    Try the laces first and if it doesn't fix it I'd say get new shoes.

    Oh, also google different shoe lacing techniques. You can lace them differently rather than just crisscross to help some of the pressure on your feet.

    If you're doing your classes at night your feet will also be swelling. Stretchy laces = love.
  • JustSomeEm
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    You don't have problems with the the shoes being too lose with the stretchy laces? I haven't wanted to use mine for fear I'd lose the shoes while running.
  • MarineCodie
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    Nope. It takes a couple of adjustments to get them just right but I've never had that problem. I mean, the elastic isn't SUPER stretchy. Just enough to let your feet move how they need to. Plus, it's pretty awesome being able to just slip them on and off. I would say try them out at least once. Never had an issue with them stretching out. I did a marathon with them and it was awesome.
  • ME0172
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    I agree that they may be too tight. My workout shoes have to be loose enough for me to slip them on and off without unlacing them or my feet go numb. Your feet swell when you workout. Try loosening them. If they fall off what's the worse that can happen besides being embarrassed? You put them back on, tighten them a little and keep going. :happy:
  • faith_76
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    I had to loosen my laces and also started lacing them so the laces don't cross over on the 2nd and 3rd ( from the bottom) holes because my feet would swell so much