What is your spirit animal?



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    I am a Dolphin!!!
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    That quiz sucked. There were at least two questions phrased so awkwardly that I couldn't answer truthfully, because I didn't understand.

    Anyway... meh, 40% wolf...
  • fivethreeone
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    The mighty fun-sucker
  • Kenazwa
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    don't need a silly quiz, I already know: ferret badger
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    I got a rock :(
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    My results: For 30 % you are: You are a wolf!

    My question: WTH? What's the other 70%? I am thinking 70% is larger than 30% and therefore a better indicator of my spirit animal.

    SOOOooo..... I did this quiz too. http://www.jerismithready.com/quiz/#
    (Yes, I am an over-achiever.)

    The results were...

    Fox, Hawk, Horse, etc........Inconclusive again.... blah

    In order to be able to continue on with my life, I have decided that henceforth ALL animals shall be my spirit guides. They are all mine.

    x giggles x edited for absolutely adorable typo
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