5 30 Day Challenges at once?!

So I'm on my post-breakup lose the love chub, forget everything workout regime! Yay ... I've decided as of today until 31st May I'm going to be doing.. DAILY:

30 Day Shred
30 Day Squat Challenge
30 Day Crunches Challenge
30 Day Planking Challenge
30 Day Wall Sit Challenge,

I was just wondering if anybodies done more than one challenge before and results etc? I'm not too interested in what the scales say, I'd be much happier with dropping dress sizes!

Any motivation would be much appreciated (even about the breakup bit :ohwell: )



  • any_chiwawa
    any_chiwawa Posts: 8 Member
    Hey. I'm gonna join you:D we can do it together:D as of today:D
  • I will also do this it with you I am starting today and would love the motivation This will be fun!
  • mja518
    mja518 Posts: 7
    Im in I have 30lbs to lose!
  • denisekerrianne
    denisekerrianne Posts: 3 Member

    Not alone woo,

    I'm pretty sure you can find the challenges online but I can post here if it helps?
  • Chickee8586
    Chickee8586 Posts: 155 Member
    Not just :noway: but hell :noway:

    Best of luck to you all. I'd be interested to see how many are left standing at the end of the month.

    Again, best of luck with this.
  • denisekerrianne
    denisekerrianne Posts: 3 Member
    I must admit, I HURT after the first day! but with the different rest days etc, it's not too bad, the lunges, wall sits etc, I do during the day & at work so it's not all in one go! lol
  • reducingrenee622
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    I plan on trying this too. I am not sure i am going to do all 5, but for sure am going to do the Ab and squat! i already took my "before" pictures. never taken them before, was HARD to do!
  • kmkgurl
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    I would like in as well! I will be on level 1 day 5 tomorrow of the 30 day shred, but I'm also doing the ripped in 30 lol. I do one in the morning and one at night and if the weather is awesome I go for a long walk as well. I will add the other stuff in tomorrow and see how it goes. =)
  • MyChocolateDiet
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  • IronSmasher
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    Anyone who tries and fails at one of these '30 day challenge' things needs to remember;
    It's not you or your level of dedication, they are just terribly written programs with ridiculous expectations. Nobody gets fit quickly. Anyone that completes these - probably already could do the last workout before they started 'training'.