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This is very long, i posted it in my blog but not many people look there so i wanted to share with you guys to keep myself motivated to keep going this is my story and my before and now pictures. If you do not want to read the whole thing i dont blame you lol the pictures have captions that explain things for the most part :)

So over the past 2 years I have had a lot of ups and downs! I went into be induced at 235lbs at only 5'3 that ended in a very painful (long story) emergency c-section. 6 weeks after i had my daughter I was at 218lbs and although i was so in love with my beautiful baby girl and so happy to have her and my fiance i was unhappy with myself and the way i had just let myself go. I started my pregnancy at 205 lbs and gained maybe 5lbs until the last 2 months i gained almost 25-30lbs!! I had preclampsia and was couped up in a hotel close to the hospital until i had my daughter, so lots of fast food and sitting around and in and out of the hospital. On the 4th of july about 7 weeks or so after i had my daughter we were taking pictures and of course it being Maddisons 1st there were lots of pictures with me in them! I was looking back on some the next day and couldnt believe how big i was and yea i had just had a baby BUT i still looked HUGE and not to mention unhealthy!! So i decided I was going to do something about it and make myself better for my daughter and fiance. On july 10th 2012 i found MFP thanks to a girl who posted about it on baby center where i spent most of my time durring my pregnancy and when my daughter was a newborn. I started logging every day eating about 1,650 calories a day and the weight just started coming off! After 2 months of just diet i started 30 ds i only did the 1st 2 levels BUT by then i was 3 months in and had lost 30lbs!! and a few inches more around my tummy from the 30DS I was loving it!!!! My weight loss slowed down and i wasnt working out, come new year i found out i had gallstones and had surgery and had to heal from that and after that i went in and out of my healthy eating and working out, i would do good for a week or two then go off the wagon again, try to start back up and do insantiy but even 6 months after surgery i would get a bad side ache where my surgery was so i gave up on that. My lowest weight was i think 178lbs before surgery for about a year i fluctuated around 180-190 back and forth but now i have slipped up and im back up to 209!! :( BUT even though i am only 10lbs less than my starting weight (MFP) I feel like my body shape has changed and some of the exersice i did before helped with that, i still dont really eat chips i do love my veggies still i just eat TOO BIG of my portions! I do fine at breakfast lunch sometimes i go a little crazy but after dinner is my problem i eat till i go to bed it seems like just a snack here a bite of this a bite of that....But we just moved into a new house and every day since we moved i have walked or played outside with my 2 year old to get in some exercise and i am working on my eating habits. I just wanted to post some pics to compare myself to myself over the past 2 years of my "journey" of ups and downs to keep myself motivated to push farther and keep going to get to my goal weight!!



Looking at my pictures i literally want to cry seeing the pictues of me after having my c-section i looked HUGE! and even after i was out of the hospital for 2 months i walked around looking like a fatty, yea i know i was a new mom that just had a major surgery to deliver but still OMG!! But even seeing the pictures of me when i was around the weight i am now at 13 lbs down back then and now at only 10lbs under my starting weight i look different i look healthier. I want to say i lift weights but i really only did here and there but i guess packing around a 30-40lb kid over the past year has kept my actual shape looking better and not so flabby haha but i do look flabby with my **** up my belly still is bigger than my lowest weight but not that big not as big as when i was this weight before. I am just glad i didnt go all the way back to the begining and that im getting back on track now and fingers crossed hopefully by this time next year i can be at my goal weight and if not at least half way there!!!

Here is a comparison of me at the same weight maybe a 3lb difference from 2 years ago and today...


So now that I dont look so squishy lol i will keep working hard and pushing myself every day to reach my goals! This post is for my own motivation and maybe it will help some others too...This time next year I hope to be posting my goal weight pics then on to making my muscles better and getting a butt!! LOL i have nothing its literally flat!!!! so sad :,( lol

Thank you to all my amazing MFP friends who have helped me along the way and kept trying to keep me pushing and motivated me!! You all are amazing and have had wonderful results and i hope this time next year you all are still reaching your goals and pushing yourselfs to meet new goals after you achive one. Fitness is a never ending lifestyle! And I cant wait to one day be at my goal weight with a fit and healthy body not worrying about weight but more about fitness goals :)


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    Job well done!
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    Idk why there is a **** the word was shirt I guess NGO thought it was something else LOL
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    Great job
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    Great job!!
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    Idk why there is a **** the word was shirt I guess NGO thought it was something else LOL

    OMG i ment MFP! freaking autocorrect on that dang phone...err lol

    Anyway...Thank you!! :)
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    You look amazing ! Great job
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    Awesome job! And judos for using "Before & Now" versus "Before & After". The journey never ends, keep it going!