Hi, I'm a newby

Hi there, I thought I'd join this site because I struggle with weight loss and feel like I need some support. I weight 12st 7lb and I'm 5"7. At my heaviest I was around 14st 2lb, maybe even heavier, I didn't weight myself much. and a size 18 At my lightest two years ago I was 10 st 4lb and a size 8/10. I'm currently a size 12/14 which I'm not happy with. I really hate my body and I hate the weight that I've gained. I lost weight very quickly and became obsessed and restricted myself and had an anorexic mind frame and bulimic tendencies. I ended up binging and gained a lot of weight. Last year I was 11st 6lb and a size 10/12 but this year has been stressful as I've started a stressful masters course and I've gained a stone.

I've cut out binging recently and I've been doing more exercise and my fitness levels have improved but im not seeing results. I've been doing intense runs, going to the gym and walking everywhere. My calorie intake is between 1500-2000 calories. I go to the gym 3 times a week but I feel I should go 4 or 5 times. Plus I also try to walk everywhere. I really hate my body and I find it disgusting and way too "curvy". I really want to look skinny, like Emma Watson or a Victoria Secrets model. My mum always tells me if I've lost weight; a few days ago she said that my face looks smaller but she hasn't said anything else. Usually she says my weight loss shows immediately and I've been exercising a lot and eating normally but she hasn't said anything. I really want to give up because weight loss is soooo slow!! I have managed to loose 2 pounds in 5 days but I dont know if the scale is wrong. On saturday evening i was 12st 9, this evening i was 12 st 7. I don't know if there's anything wrong with my scales as first three times it said 12 st 7.2, then it stabilized at 12 st 7.6. I'm worried the scales arent accurate; their fairly new scales. I've been doing intense runs and walking a lot, but i havent restricted my calories much. I've had around 1500 today. It's 2 am and im hungry so im going to have a satsuma, is that bad?

I look forward to meeting people and hearing about weight loss stories and goals.


  • lilhope72
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    Don't give up!! 1-2 lbs a week is perfectly normal (and healthy). It's also normal for your weight to fluctuate a lb or two, even from hour to hour. When I first started losing weight, nobody seemed to notice mine either. It was very discouraging, but I refused to let it stop me. Now I've lost over 100 lbs, and everybody notices :smile: .....and wouldn't we all like to look like a Victoria Secrets model :sad:
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    wow well done on loosing 100 pounds, that's amazing!! you should be really proud! funny enough a guy at the gym said i look like ive lost of few pounds and that i work very hard. i guess weight loss has to be consistent for you to see results. i weighed myself this morning and im down to 12st 5lb! ive lost 3 pounds in 6 days which is a bit odd considering i haven't really been restricting myself, but ive been exercising heavily and walking everywhere. also im always prone to water retention so im a bit surprised. are you done with your weight loss or do you still want to loose more?