Anybody have Breakfast Ideas? Lunch? Dinner?



  • pandafoo
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    Breakfast is usually one of the following:
    -smoothie: 1 cup almond milk, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 tbls peanut butter, tsp cocoa powder, tbls raw unsweetened coconut flakes
    -toasted slice of Ezekiel sesame bread with peanut butter
    -scrambled eggs Gordon Ramsay style - which are the fluffiest eggs ever!

    Lunch: my company offers a variety of options, and I usually go with their specialty salad of the day such as chicken chipotle, or a sushi roll from the japanese stand

    Dinner: my husband and I keep it simple. It helps that we have a grill and slow cooker. Recently we've made:
    -pulled pork with sweet potato fries (baked)
    -chicken breasts stuffed with basil, mushrooms, and a bit of dijon mustard
    -grilled carne asada (flap steak) or skirt steak flavored with montreal seasoning
    -trout drizzled with some butter, crushed garlic, and parsley, and baked for <10 min - simple and delicious!

    side dishes:
    - mashed cauliflower - we try to eat low-carb and this has a texture amazingly similar to mashed potatoes! steam cauliflower pieces and garlic cloves, then blend in food processor with tbls butter, some almond milk, and pepper/salt
    -roasted veggies such as bell peppers, eggplant, carrots, asparagus. near the end, we sprinkle some parmesan cheese on top and broil for a few minutes
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    I did a bit of looking around at different ideas for this.
    This morning i tried rice crackers with reduced fat peanut butter and cut up banana. Sounds a bit weird but it's actually yummy and filling :D
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    Recent favotite breakfast:

    Light Multigrain Thoma English Muffin toasted
    Top with peanut butter and sliced banana
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    I make my breakfast the night before and leave in the fridge.

    50g frozen mixed berries
    1 sachet (34g) Multigrain fruit muesli Quakers Oat So Simple
    1 low fat yogurt

    mix together leave over night and eat when your ready. I usually eat mine when I get to work.
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    I like Chobani 100 vanilla yogurt with 1C added frozen blackberries.Sometimes for breakfast,but usually as my eve snack.Mix them together at dinner time. Can mix the nt before to have for brfast.So creamy & luscious! Just under 200 calories.
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    I blog a lot of new recipes on my blog from my page... check it out...
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    I have been making a crockpot of oatmeal every week on Sunday for the entire week. Very yummy!

    In a crock pot, combine the following:

    4-5 cups of oatmeal (more if you want a large pot)
    8-10 cups water
    4-5 apples peeled, cut into bite size chunks (more or less depending what you like)
    berries, other fruit (optional)
    Raisins (as little or much as you want
    3-4 tsp cinnamon or 1 stick of cinnamon

    Stir all together, cook on low for 7-8 hours. Mix a couple times in between if possible.
    2.5 cups is approx 270 calories
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    Crock potted soup made on the weekend and portioned for during the week is pretty simple. Just nuke at work. Not very carboriffic either since that is something you're trying to dodge.

    I have recipes for Easy Chicken Piccata Soup, Chicken Posole, Taco Soup, Brown Jug Soup (vegetarian) and Risotto Soup linked below. Hopefully they show up and at least some of them look good...they're all pretty easy to make but the Brown Jug is probably the most labor intensive (chopping up celery and other veggies):
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    Love the turkey and egg recipe someone posted above. So versatile.....can use for breakfast lunch or dinner. Or snack! I'm always looking for things I can make once and then have several meals from it during the week!

    I know eggs a pretty popular quick go to for breakfast, but I sometimes get a little bored with eggs. And my metabolism gets bored of it too. Recently I've been mixing things up with oatmeal which I find really keeps me going longer than eggs. I usually make up a big batch once during the week and then use that all week. Here's my current fave way to have it and it's about 300 calories give or take:

    1/3 cup of oatmeal (if it's left over I just heat it up in microwave for about a minute or two)
    1 tablespoon of peanut butter
    1 banana cut up
    Drizzle of maple syrup just to sweeten a little bit.
    Drizzle of milk if you like creamery consistency.

    Stir the peanut butter into the hot oatmeal and then add everything else. Really yummy and filling!
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  • Brumhilda
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    Quesadilla I use ANY time (love for breakfast)

    Carb balance tortilla
    2.5 ounces lean chicken
    1/2-1 oz cheese (depending on type)
    tsp butter to fry in
    salsa, sour cream (real kind)

    (total calories 380 / 33g protein)


    Carb balance tortilla (120 cal, 5 g protein, 3 g fat)
    2 scrambled organic eggs (160 cal, 12 g. protein, 9 g fat)
    Cheese (ANY KIND) Boar's head provolone (100 cal, 7 g fat, 7 g protein)
    3 strips uncured bacon (105 calories total, 8 grams fat, 8 grams protein)
    Hot sauce or salsa (8-10 calories? no fat, little protein)
    (optional add onions, mushrooms, peppers, whatever you want for negligible calories)
    TOTALS: Calories 493 / Protein 32 / Fat 27)

    Either will hold you all morning! Load the quesadilla with lean chicken and veg to bulk it up!

    WRAPS RULE! The Mission Carb Balance tortilla is a great deal at 120 calories and has THIRTEEN grams of fiber! I eat them (and bacon and yogurt) pretty much daily!
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    I really enjoy egg whites with spinach, onion, bell pepper, and low fat mexican cheese blend. The Weight Watchers brand is really good. Sometimes, I add low fat turkey links.
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    This morning I fried up a pound of turkey sausage, scrambled some eggs, heated some black beans (altogether took maybe 15 minutes, reused the same pan for everything so nothing big to clean up) and threw them in some tortillas with a bit of cheese for breakfast tacos. Saved the leftover meat and beans to heat up tomorrow to take even less time to do the same thing. Add salsa or avocado as you wish. It was under 500 calories (without salsa or avocado) with 33g carbs, 23g fat, and 35g protein. Protein is kinda hard for me to get enough of so I was just trying to stuff as much of it as I could into my breakfast this morning. I think 35g is pretty good. If I wanted/needed to cut down on the fat, I could take out some of the egg yolks and use a low-fat cheese, I reckon.
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    Make in abundance. Store in tupperware. Freezer-friendly. Eat all the things.
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    I usually have sugar-free oatmeal (with Truvia and heated in the microwave) and add a handful of blueberries and sometimes raspberries. For lunch, I eat a LeanCuisine, and for dinner, I make grilled chicken breast with Green Giant vegetable sides for one. These are really good because they have cheese sauce but are only 40 calories.