hi everyone

I am new to MFP and am excited to begin to this journey. I am tired of not feeling good about myself and ready to do something about it. My goal is to lose 30lbs, get active and gain energy. I am an ex personal trainer who at one time was in great shape and was very physically fit but I got away from it and let myself go which caused the 30lb weight gain. I really miss the fit me. I recently moved back to my old home town and its awful to say but I've been avoiding going out because I feel embarrassed when I see someone that probably remembers the fit me. It feels awful. I am looking to meet new friends and share experience with. . Cheers


  • LaurenDanielle014
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    Good luck and congrats on taking the first step in a better you! I am active on MFP, feel free to add me for motivation and I have an open diary if you need to get recipe/snack ideas.

    I just hit the 30 lb mark, and Ive never felt better. I am so much happier and feel so much better in my own skin. you can do this and the results will make everything SO WORTH IT!
  • Nevermindmygrunge
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    Welcome to MFP! I joined for the same reason, I gained about 30 lbs in university and I wanted to get in shape and be toned. Feel free to add me on here. :)
    Good luck!
  • LadyGhostDuchess
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    Hey yall! Feel free to add me! I just started this thing up again 17 days ago - went into a funk and now I am going back at it again. I love to help my friends and support them any way I can! Feel free to friend me and we can do this journey together!
  • 101sal
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    Feel free to add my and check my post HI there from this morning:laugh:
  • Jestinia
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    Welcome! Good place to start, and with your background, at least you have a headstart on many of us. :smile: