Need a few friends

Hi! I'm looking to add a few friends with like minded goals :) I'm getting back to running after an illness. Lift weights 3x's a week. I'm 5'3. Working in dropping about 30# currently I'm 176. I lost 30# last year and then leveled out for awhile. I'm set to 1700 calories. Sometimes I go over. And some days I'm under. Busy wife and mom of 3. So my home is my gym :)


  • dirtroadrunner3
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    Thank you for the new requests! Hopefully it will keep me motivated and give new food ideas!
  • stephv38
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    Hi there, I am 5'5", enjoying running and lifting. I am maintaining after losing 70# after my fourth and last child. Do all my workouts with kids underfoot and without a can check me out and if we can help eachother... I am always looking to not slide backwards.. that would be great...