Losing 90+ pounds and looking for a buddy

Hi everyone! I am starting my weight loss journey of about 90-100lbs and am looking for someone or even a few people to do this with. Mutual support, someone to talk to about struggles, goals etc. I am 31 and have 3 children, one of which is 3months old. I haven't always struggled with weight, I gained around 100lbs during my first pregnancy and was never able to get it off. I have spent my entire twenties unhappy and unhealthy and now into my thirties need to get myself back! I miss feeling fit, healthy, and confident. I have recently dealt with some things that have inspired me to put myself back on the priority list and not waste anymore time or energy on being over weight. Excited to get started :)


  • amberrenee813
    amberrenee813 Posts: 395 Member
    I don't have 100 pounds left to lose, but at my heaviest I was 225-230. I am 198 currently and my goal is about 130 so that would be about 90-100 pounds from start to finish.
  • gail4721
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    i think I might just give it another try. I will be 51 at the end of May and have kept a steady 238-241 range...it doesn't seem to want to go anywhere. I will try to focus once again on me and my heath and log my meals. Good luck to all. Let's give this another go at it.
  • sarahjae4205
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    I'm in!! :) I just started MFP about 30 days ago. I am a mother to a beautiful almost 13 year old and I see her starting to fill out in her middle already. She wants to be out and about doing things - and so do I - but she will have to walk ahead because I get winded, and I don't want her embarrassed to be seen with me. The other day I went to the doctor for my annual and I told her I was starting MFP, and she said losing 100 lbs. would be a good start for me. Well...this is my start I guess. Here's to losing 100!!!!! WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!! :):D
  • cursiny
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    I have been here for a while and started with about 150 to lose. I have lost 85 already and still have much more to go. I am a single mom with three kids except my youngest is now 7. I can't blame my kids any more for my weight issues! :) I am on daily and have an open diary.

    Friend request on its way. And always open to friends who are here to meet goals!!

    Good luck on your journey!!
  • sfsoccermom2
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    I started about 10 weeks ago! I have about 90 to lose from here, so count me in. Feel free to add me, too! We can do this together.
  • mommyhof3
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    I have 68 lbs to lose which will take me to 100 lbs lost. I also have 3 children :smile:
  • sara17sb
    sara17sb Posts: 18 Member
    Thanks for the friend requests and encouraging words! Nice to see such support going around. I am just starting out myself but good luck to everyone on this journey and great job to everyone who has had success already! It's motivating to see progress and good to have accountability too :)
  • WorkingMama1016
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    I am just starting again.. after losing and regaining 30 pounds.. I would love to share this journey with all of you!
  • crp91
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    I'm starting out again after a few attempts. I've got 100 pounds to lose as well. You are all welcome to add me!
  • Onzerelli
    Onzerelli Posts: 8 Member
    I started out needing to lose 132lbs and I lost 15 before joining mfp a few weeks ago. Working on the last 117! I have four kids- my youngest is 21mos -and I gained between 15-41lbs with each pregnancy and couldn't lose it before the next pregnancy. Now that we're done having babies, I want to get my real self back. Good luck to everyone!
  • bakokari57
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    I joined MFP over a year ago and then didn't do much with the application or on my own. The first of March I went to see the doctor and he said something that really struck home. "I can prescribe all the medication you or I could want, but if you don't change your lifestyle, it won't make any difference." That really hit me, and since March 2nd I've lost 20 pounds! I still have 130 pounds to go and MFP and the accountability of friends have helped me stay on track!

    Would love to have friend requests from others that are in it for the long haul. :happy:
  • onmyway57
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    I had 90 pounds to loose when I started back in February check out all my friends they are all 90pounds or greater when they start a great group add me