Sugar from fresh fruits

Is sugar from fresh fruits bad for you?


  • MG_Fit
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    Just about as bad a milk from cows.
  • TeaBea
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    Just about as bad a milk from cows.


    No, seriously. Do you have medical issues? Unless you have some medical issue re: carbs and/or sugar....don't worry about it. I changed my settings to track fiber instead of sugar.

    Do I try to eat less ADDED sugar? Sure, because it's something I tend to binge on. To maintain a weigh loss I will need to control added sugar, not natural sugar.
  • daffodilsoup
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    Neither one is "good" or "bad" - your body can't tell the difference between fructose and the other types of sugars. You get an added dose of vitamins, fiber, etc. from whole fresh fruit, but neither sugar is good or bad.