Almost 100!

LadyofLight08 Posts: 245 Member
I currently weigh 146 pounds!
I can't believe I am almost down 100 pounds from when I first started myfitnesspal! ^_^
My family have been Eh, helpful? Cooking Cuban food, being tempted to eat large amounts of deliciousness has really proven my restraint and portion control.
My boyfriend never gains a single pound, but he's helped me break my weight plateau this year and I'm thankful for that <3
Thank you Myfitnesspal for helping me record my calorie intake and to all my friends on here for all the support ( :
I hope to stay motivated and continue my weight loss journey to reach my goal weight of 120.
Never give up ( :


  • jimshine
    jimshine Posts: 199 Member
  • corbett51
    corbett51 Posts: 3 Member
    Wow! What an amazing accomplishment. Congratulations!
  • beamer0821
    beamer0821 Posts: 488 Member
    absolutely amazing! congrats!
    you give us hope that it can be done!
  • Awesome!!! How did your by help u break your plateau?
  • becky4m
    becky4m Posts: 61 Member
    Amazing! Great job.
  • guinevere96
    guinevere96 Posts: 1,445 Member
    thats so great! Inspiring <3
  • LadyofLight08
    LadyofLight08 Posts: 245 Member
    Thank you everyone ^_^
  • katkins73
    katkins73 Posts: 416 Member
    Wow, you are sooo inspiring :smile:
  • LadyofLight08
    LadyofLight08 Posts: 245 Member
    Awesome!!! How did your by help u break your plateau?
    Biking, Ice skating and all sorts of different activities I was too shy to do before haha. My current boyfriend use to BMX race and play Hockey so he's opened me up to play different sports and become active. I was stuck at 160 for about almost a year before I met him 9 months ago. Losing 15 pounds may not seem much, but I can totally feel the difference in my step and so happy to be a size 7/6 in Jeans now.
  • KristinKory
    KristinKory Posts: 91 Member
    Congrats....that's awesome!
  • MG_Fit
    MG_Fit Posts: 1,143 Member
    That's great! Keep it up!
  • SunofaBeach14
    SunofaBeach14 Posts: 4,932 Member
    But you look so young!

    Seriously, well done!
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