ab workouts only equals awesome abs?

I have heard/read that you can work a certain problem area as much as you want but it won't make a difference because the fat will come off the areas that your body chooses, not necessarily the abs? May sound dumb to some but I've always wondered if this is false or old wive's tale material or if it is actually true?


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    it is true. The only thing you can target is muscle strength - so you can work your abs so that when the fat comes off your tummy, the muscles underneath will be strong and look good. But it is definitely true that you can't spot reduce fat. For instance, I have lost weight around my waist and hips/thighs... but not so much my arms. even though I do arm exercises. I just have to be patient, I know, and eventually, the fat cells in my arms will shrink too - and when that happens, I'll have nice muscular looking thin arms.
  • Wont make a difference at all for appearance really, I speak not only from the general knowledge but from experience: I do the whole stack on all the ab machines for many reps, and well...I don't have a six pack showing, but I sure can feel it there if I flex! :P

    That is until your body fat percentage is low enough to let them show. Which is also dependent on where you carry your fat and different for different individuals: I carry mine in lovehandles and stomach so its the very last to go...
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    Thanks guys!