Hey, I need friends who log daily so add me :)


  • Hi, me too as have none on here yet:)
  • I don't have any friends on here yet either. I don't log daily though. I find I tend to have a problem of going to the scale 10x a day if I start doing that, so I just weigh myself at the end of the week...sometimes I wait longer and sometimes less, depending on various things.
  • I dont mean log their weight, i meant that log their meals and are active users :)
  • lccooper
    lccooper Posts: 12
    You can add me. I have come back to MFP recently and log daily :smile:
  • jdad1
    jdad1 Posts: 1,899 Member
    Wow, look at all you newbies. lol

    I sometimes log, or I at least think about it. (missed only four days in the last 2 years, current 388 day streak)

    You can add me if you like and if you pass the challenging entry exam you will be allowed to enter into my awesome friend list. :smile:
  • BeautifulSoul705
    BeautifulSoul705 Posts: 123 Member
    You can add me. I log my food.
  • pengwaan
    pengwaan Posts: 2 Member

    I'm relatively new and have started logging all my meals, feel free to add me :)
  • struggletodiet
    struggletodiet Posts: 149 Member
    your more than welcome to add me too
  • mhcrunner1
    mhcrunner1 Posts: 11
    Feel free to add me as a friend. I've not always had a perfect history of logging on daily but I have a 55 day streak going and I would like to keep it going.
  • jjreije
    jjreije Posts: 11 Member
    I have been tracking and losing for 12 months. I haven't been on here, but on my mobile and ipad so haven't met anyone else doing it yet. I am really excited how easily it works if you record EVERYTHING and stick to your calories. I am not a healthy eater but would rather eat less and eat what I like, and this has meant I have been able to stick to the Fitnesspal. Would love some friends though to get ideas on meal plans and lo-cal ideas. Add me :)
  • Motivation712014
    Motivation712014 Posts: 33 Member
    Great I will add you!! I am always looking for support as well. :)
  • elzbethfay
    elzbethfay Posts: 7 Member
    I could use some motivation friends.
  • mikegerber1
    mikegerber1 Posts: 38 Member
    haven't missed a day since I signed up. feel free to add me
  • Need people with common interests :) add me lets share
    Some motivational energy ????
  • christinebryant80
    christinebryant80 Posts: 130 Member
    Ive been on here since April, not many friends but I do log daily. So anyone can feel free to add me.
  • Beewallows
    Beewallows Posts: 110 Member
    Hi :) Feel free to add me, I'm wanting to surround myself with active mfp friends to keep me motivated :)
  • char2707
    char2707 Posts: 2
    Hi I am just about to start logging daily again, so feel free to add me. Defiantly need extra motivation, dieting and eating less is so hard !! x